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How ICT effects a Company

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How a large organisation uses ICT The company I am going to look into detail on how they use ICT is Asda the UK's number two supermarket. Asda is owned by a mega America company call Wal*Mart. Asda have also got an online shopping site which has been running for 5 years, this is where people can order there shopping online and get it delivered to there door. For elderly people or people who cant drive this is brilliant for them. To pay for your shopping you enter your credit card details and Asda will automatically take the money you have spent out of your account. Online prices are exactly the same as the prices in the stores but there is a �4,95 charge for having your shopping picked of the shelves and delivered to your home, this method avoids the hassle associated with supermarket shopping. Asda set up an online shopping website for several reasons and one of these was to advertise the online part of Asda and attract new customers. Asda's headquarters is situated in Leeds. Asda operates across the whole of the United Kingdom and they have 265 supermarkets. The Asda online shopping website is currently operating in 53 of Asda's largest stores but they planning to extend this in the coming years. Each of these stores employ pickers and drivers as well as a supervisor and a manager for the online shopping part. Asda's Leeds store also has a Customer Contact Centre which is the central point for orders to be placed and also to deal with any customer problems or enquires. A massive organisation like Asda is supposed to provide people with a service they are happy with but there main objective is to sell top quality reliable products to people. Asda also is suppose to provide an effective and friendly customer interface as well as communicate effectively with their old and new customers. ...read more.


All a finance team does is deal with the business money issues and make sure everything is there. Also finance teams can help businesses that are having a real financial problem try and get out of trouble and stop them going bankrupt. Trading teams are people that buy and sell products, most trading team buy products for quite cheap but they sell them on to other people for sometimes double what the product is actually worth. Operating teams are involved in the running of the business for the purpose of producing value for the stakeholder, operating teams can have a big say in what the business should do and not do as there main task is the involvement of running the business as smoothly as possible as they can.. Asda customers can use the system really easily, their website is straight forward with bright colourful colours that make the website stand out so it attracts people to read it and look through it. From the homepage of he website you can access the on-line shopping site by clicking the 'Groceries to your door' link at the top of the home page. By click thing it will bring up a screen like the one below which will ask you if you are a new customer or an existing customer, people that have already registered only have to put their e-mail address or customer ID number in as well as their Asda pin and they will be able to start their shopping online. If you are a new Asda customer then you will have to complete a registering sheet which will include, your address, name, telephone number etc before you can start shopping online but it is quite straight forward so it shouldn't take you long. To select goods on the Asda online shopping site you click on whatever item you want to purchase and then it will bring up a screen like the one below which will give you a description about the product and ...read more.


When Asda are going to send bulk e-mails it is carried out by using a piece of software called WebMailServer. This is a web based application that allows Asda to do a mail merge into e-mails for example; e-mail addresses from the customer database can be merged with information the company wants to send to it's customers. The program also deals with responses to the mailing by directing e-mails to the appropriate department in the organisation. The software system that Asda use are comparable to those used by other companies. All of the systems are similar in costs and features used. On the e-mail side a human operator still has to do the e-mails. An automatic response can be sent out to say an e-mail has been received but to give the customer any meaningful answer someone has to read the e-mail and work out a reply to it Most supermarkets that have a online shopping website like Asda use different types of hardware and software. A hardware that most supermarkets have is a Apple Mac computer these computers are mainly for creating and designing things such as websites. Apple computers are top of the range computers but they are quite expensive but if you want a better quality website then the Apple computer is the one. Apple computers are complex to use at first but when you get the hand of them they are easy. These computers have a big memory of at least 512mb also the Apple computers have LCD screen which minimises the strain on the eyes of the users who are working on them for long periods. A software that most supermarket use is Adobe Photoshop, it is simply to set up the corporate look of the website and arranging the layout of screens using this software. Adobe Photoshop is used for storing images as well so this will come in handy when it come to putting images of the products on the online shopping site. Also on Adobe you can create calendars , greeting cards etc. Laura Anderson ...read more.

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