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How ICT has Helped Future Fashions.

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How ICT has Helped Future Fashions ICT has helped Future Fashions in a number of ways. First of all using ICT has made the company look more professional and so may make it get more customers or maybe it will appeal to a wider variety of employees. Also using ICT to create a logo will benefit the company greatly. ...read more.


First of all using a wage slip makes life a lot easier in calculating how much pay someone needs. This is because one person only has to type in how many hours worked, and the rest is done automatically. Secondly using a programme like Microsoft Excel and using data validation helps make human error a less likely thing to happen. ...read more.


Finally ICT could have many advantages for Future Fashions, which are not yet known (as ICT is always getting better). So over the course of say a few years, ICT could in effect make a company or break it. So it could in fact make Future Fashions a good strong business, which will last a long time, or without it Future Fashions could have remained on the bottom rung of the business world! ...read more.

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