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How ICT helps people with disabilities.

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How ICT helps people with disabilities Introduction In this Report I will write about how ICT has evolved for people with disabilities, and what the disabled people use instead of the normal devices and software. First off I will list the disabilities that people may have. Examples of types of disabilities are: * Sensory disability. * Physical disability. * Learning difficulties. * Language. I will choose to look at the things that help people with learning disabilities. The learning disability is a vast category out of the four, as it applies for all the disabilities as it slows down the learning process. Learning Disabilities First off as learning disabilities is such a big category I will bullet point the learning disabilities that are know to us. 1. Speech Recognition 2. Blind & Visually Impaired 3. Cognitive Disabilities 4. Deaf and Hard of Hearing 5. Electronics aids to daily living 6. Mouse Alternatives 7. Keyboard Alternatives 8. Switch Access 9. Text-to-speech 10. Augmentative Communication Not all of these categories are just learning disabilities some are sensory and others are physical, but say a person ...read more.


(For an example of enrolment text, please see What Is Speech Recognition) Depending upon the speech recognition software, there is several enrolment training excerpts to select from. Cognitive Disabilities A cognitive disability is where a person is not able to concentrate and their attention span is very low. To resolve this problem there has been a watch invented that vibrates every 2 or so minutes so this triggers the person and they know to concentrate. The watch is a valuable tool for clinical trials research and improves subject compliance. It can be programmed as a medication reminder for home health care patients or the elderly and can assist in weight loss, smoking cessation and behaviour modification programs. The watch is also beneficial to deaf and hard of hearing persons, stroke survivors and their caregivers, and to persons with Alzheimer's and memory dysfunction. The watch is useful for developing independent living skills. Deaf and hard hearing There is devices that allow deaf people to receive TTY calls as it come up on the screen the words being said. ...read more.


For example a person with low vision would use a keyboard with extra large print. If a person is completely blind then they would use a speech recognition device. Text-To-Speech A text-to-speech is designed for individuals with reading difficulties. It works by simultaneously highlights and reading aloud of text. There are other devices for people with reading disabilities such as spellcheckers Mouse Alternatives There are many mouse alternatives for disabled individuals and where ever someone is disabled there is a device that will overcome this, and the individual will still be able to use an alternative for a mouse. There is a eye gaze system that moves the cursor relatively to your eye. A head-tracking device that moves the cursor according to the movement from the head. Evaluation Technology has evolved over the last few years for disabled people to be able to use computers. There is always a way round something if a person has disabilities, as I have talked about in this Report. I have learnt a lot in this report and I didn't realize how many alternatives devices there that help disabled individuals. The sites I used to research are: * www.abilityhub.com * www.charityfocus.org/services/res.php * www.keytools.com ...read more.

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