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How ICT / Technology helps atemployment

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How ICT / Technology helps at employment Introduction In this investigation I will research and write about how ICT and technology helps in employment and how it affects work styles. The working styles and patterns have changed while technology has evolved. At Home An employee working at home is becoming very popular and is just as efficient as working in the workplace. I f employees work from home they need the following things: 1 A computer. This is needed to carry out work and the main component for working at home. 2 The ability to connect to the Internet. This needs to be used to communicate 3 Programs. The reverent software and programs would be needed to work at home. An example of a job that would work from home would be a web-design company. The person would go to work and work at home when not needed at the workplace. The advantages of working at home, which I have heard, would be: * They are able to concentrate more as they have no distractions. * They can relax, as they feel more comfortable at home. ...read more.


3 The equipment does not have to be purchased by the employer so it costs less for equipment. The disadvantages of working at the workplace is: 1 Transport costs have to be paid and maybe wasting time by travelling. 2 The workplace is not there comfortable environment. 3 People may not be able to concentrate at the workplace. Working around the world Some employees work around the world. For example I will give examples of my Dads friend who travels the world making surveys of building. Under this title I will write what the advantages and disadvantages of travelling and what equipment is used to carry out the task and communicating back at the workplace. Firstly the advantages of working in all different places are: 1 That you get to see all different places. 2 You are able to work in your own time. 3 Have your own time to improve your work and make it better. 4 All your costs are paid for such as transport, equipment, expenditures, and a bed for the night. ...read more.


Mobile Phones, Mobile phones are being used more and more in the daily routine of millions of employee's around the world, The phones are getting smaller and smaller and more user friendly. many new features are on the newest mobile technology such as; Video Conferencing, text Messages, Cameras and Clear MMS messaging along with the usual Voice chat. There are also some downfalls to mobile phones because sometimes if you are doing a long distance call it can cost more than 60p/min. Video conferencing This is where two people communicate but this is where you can speak and see the person you are talking to. This is used a lot in business and when the videoconference is between more people it is called teleconferencing. This is done via the Internet. Evaluation All in all ICT is used a lot in employment in all scenarios. Although computers are extremely good and efficient they may be becoming to good as they are putting people out of work. Despite the drawbacks ICT is used a lot in employment and is becoming more and more efficient and soon alot of people will be out of jobs as IT will be doing most of the work. ...read more.

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