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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3160

How technolgy effects me

Extracts from this document...


This report covers 5 technologies I use socially, personally and for school. I have described my most used technologies and evaluated if the technology meets my needs. I have emboldened all the technologies I use regularly. Categories of Technologies Internet eg email, www, chat rooms Internet Technologies eg Modem, ISDN, ASDL, Broadband Communication eg Mobile phone, video phone, video conferencing, information points Entertainment eg Games console, digital TV, MP3 player, media station Mobile eg Laptop, PDA,wi-fi Access Device eg Touch screen, switch, keyboard, concept remote controls, hearing aid PC Technology eg Software, hardware Data Capture eg Digital camera, voice recorder, scanner, CCTV Control and Monitoring eg Burglar alarm, CCTV, GPS, central heating control Storage media eg DBD, minidisk Financial Transactions eg ATM, EPOS Reprographics eg Photocopier, microfiche World wide web Specifications AOL Broadband Telephone line ASDL filter Mouse Keyboard Why I need * To download music/films/videos off web pages. This meets my needs because there are millions of web pages that I can download my music, ect easily. * To go on games. This meets my needs because there are thousands of free games on the Internet that are easily found as well. * To keep up with current affairs by going on web pages and finding out what is happening. This meets my needs because I use the Internet provider called AOL and the AOL homepage has a link to current affairs that is easy to find and is also quick. I might also need to keep up with current affairs for my homework so I can have discussions in school on recent events that have happened. * To shop. To compare prices on different web pages and save money by finding the cheapest item I want to buy. This meets my needs because I can save money and compare the goods because of the pictures. * To do research for my homework. ...read more.


This meets my needs because I don't have to buy a big and expensive video camera when I have one on my phone which is small and good quality * I need the phone for voice recording. This meets my needs because I can record music or I can record my own or other peoples voices * I need the phone so can transfer files via Bluetooth. This meets my needs because I can easily and quickly send files using no wires or not even being in the same room as I am transferring to. * I need the phone because it has an alarm clock, which will get me up in the morning. This meets my needs because it is reliable and it always works even when my phone has no battery. * I need the phone so I can store music. This meets my needs because I don't have to waste money buying an mp3 player when I can store the music on my phone and I wont have to carry a phone and a mp3 player * I need the phone so I can play games. This meets my needs because I can play games wherever I am instead of using a Playstation. * I need the phone so I can listen to radio. This meets my needs because I can listen to the radio when I am any were instead of on a stationary stereo Advantages * I don't need to stay near a static phone - Always able to get hold of * I can go on the Internet anywhere * I can download things off the internet to my phone * I can keep up with current affairs and find things out wherever I am * I can find information for my homework * I can send text messages to save on cost of call and communicate without having to speak to someone * I can send videos or pictures in a message. ...read more.


This meets my needs because I can easily do this because I just switch to video mode on my camera. * To take pictures of things and then cell them on websites. This meets my needs because I can easily take a picture of something so people can see the picture of the item I am selling and it is better to see what you are buying. Advantages * Small and lightweight * Good looking * I can get better quality pictures on my digital camera than on my mobile phone * I can zoom in * Pictures can be stored on computer * Order prints through internet * Easy to see on computer * Helps me sell things on e-bay * I don't have to replace the film * Easy to use Disadvantages * Poor battery life * Digital zoom quality can be poor * Need a computer to use some of the features available * Expensive to buy * Standard memory cards are not big enough and larger memory cards are expensive * The camera will not always be in fashion so I may need to replace it soon Evaluation I need my digital camera because it helps me socialise with my friends and family be sending them pictures. It does this because I can send pictures of me and my friends around on MSN messenger. I need my digital camera because I can download pictures off the camera to the computer or put on e-bay to make money. It is easy to find things on eBay so there are a lot of customers. If I had a normal camera I would not be able to do all these things so that is why I need a digital one. I can send pictures via an email, which saves and money instead of having to get the pictures developed, and posting them to friends. I use my digital camera mainly for personal use selling items and for social use because I can share pictures with friends and family. ?? ?? ?? ?? Adam Banks 08/05/2007 - 1 -20 ...read more.

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