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How will ICT help to solve the problem?

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How will ICT help to solve the problem? It is true that without the use of ICT, the problem that Twinkle Berries supermarket faces could infact not be solved effectively. As Twinkle Berries is not known in the North Of England, it needs to be marketed in means of creating flyers, posters, letterheads etc, so that the public has a better indication and some knowledge about the supermarket at hand, where it is located and what it offers to its customers. Previously Twinkle Berries has not used ICT to its full potential to promote itself. Here is a lost of all the ways ICT helps solve this problem, and how without the use of computers, this task could not be solved: - Flyers - Flyers can be created to the required size and design with the use of the Publisher package. They can be of bright colour, these flyers can then be printed off and given to the general public, therefore increasing public knowledge of the supermarket. They can be printed off in there millions at a low price, so it does not cost the marketing company much to produce them. ...read more.


With information such as addresses, on the database then flyers can be sent directly out to these members, passing this new information on. The application to apply for a loyalty card requires you to answer such questions as marital status, number of children in the household and their age. The logic behind this is so that this information can be stored on the database and certain information, such as mother and toddler information can be sent out to the required audience. Without a computer, this information would have to be recorded on paper, written by hand, which would then be lost or destroyed. By using a computer, the database can be stored in the computers memory and new members can be added to the lists easily, as well as being legible. Floor Layout - The Floor layout is extremely important. The layout can be planned out and designed effectively on a computer to the required standard. The layout of the store and where certain items are positioned within the supermarket has to be carefully considered and thought about. ...read more.


Logo - The logo is also a very important factor to consider because it needs to be made recognisable and attractive so when people see it they automatically connect it with the supermarket, without necessarily being told. The logo can be designed on Publisher also. This is a good package to use as it allows you to create many different designs, colours etc as well as being able to produce a wide range of different logos and then being able to pick the most effective. Letterhead - The letterhead operates like the logo in the sense that when people open the letter and see the proposed letterhead will automatically know that this letter is from Twinkle Berries Supermarket, which is what is needed in order to promote the supermarket and make it well known. The letterhead can be made in Publisher and like the loyalty card, member's names and addresses can be mail merged onto the letterheads and sent out. Without ICT the letterheads would have to be written out with every individual name and address written onto them, which would be very time consuming. ...read more.

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