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How will your system benefit at least one person in the Health Centre?

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A03 1. How will your system benefit at least one person in the Health Centre? The receptionist will be greatly helped by the new system. It will mean that they are not wasting their time telling patients repetitive information, such as opening times, that could just as easily have been displayed in the new system. It also means that they do not have to spend any time producing posters or the like, to display information like the policies. This means more time can be spent with the patients and doing more vital administrative tasks. In the long run, this may help the Health Centre as a whole, because it may mean they don't have to employ another receptionist, as the work the original receptionist is doing is very specific. ...read more.


Or there could be computer failure, would mean the receptionist would have a much harder task, also because she would have to explain what went wrong. In extreme circumstances, the whole system may be lost due to the breakdown of the memory in the computer, which would have terrible side effects. This may mean that the whole system may need to be produced again, which may be quite expensive. The system could also be vandalised, especially as it will be situated outside. This may consist of having graffiti sprayed onto it or the screen being broken. This may cost the Health Centre a large sum, and it may also mean that they could not afford for it to be fixed, which would more tedious work. ...read more.


One time, I had not saved my work that day, and an automatic error appeared, meaning I lost all that work. To prevent this, I need to click on the picture of the floppy disk, which is linked to the 'Save As', on a regular basis. 4. Can you suggest possible improvements that could be made to your system in the future? To further expand the system, it could be adapted to fit onto a website. This would allow people to access the system from the comfort of their own home, which is a lot more convenient, especially for people who are housebound. Also, more complex graphics and animations could be put onto the system, detailing other events too, because people's home computers would be much more equipped to deal with that than the screen at the Health Centre. ...read more.

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