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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4152

I am a pupil at Ruskin Sports College, and am doing a report on communicational devices within a business/organisation work place.

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Terms of Reference I am a pupil at Ruskin Sports College, and am doing a report on communicational devices within a business/organisation work place. To do this I will send out questionnaires to the employees in the businesses and interview a variety of people at different levels in the company's hierarchy, e.g. managers. I will research into internal and external methods of communication and the advantages and disadvantages of each. I will show my findings and give recommendations to the businesses to help them to improve communicational devices within the business/organisation. Procedures See Action Plan Findings I am doing my investigation on Cammell Laird Shipyard in Birkenhead; I will be interviewing an senior security guard, William Luke Edwards who's job, involves the security of the vessels, the heath and safety of the men, and also to stop dangers hazards happening e.g. Naked flames by fuel tank ect, and also interviewing civilians whom apply for a job as a security guard at the ship yard. When applying for the job Mr Edwards had to sign the Nation Secrets Act 1 & 2, to keep the communication in the business safe. I think the communication devices that will be used within the business are: * Two-way radios * Reports * E-mail/network * Memos * Telephone * Meetings * Notices * Letters I believe the purpose of good communication is to keep a business/organisation running efficiency; it produces a positive public appearance, eliminates errors and helps mange problems quickly and effetely. This also provides customers with the information they need for example details of orders (invoices) and any other information required. Successful business/organisations are those that practice two-way communication, this means that managers listen to employees as well as employees. Communication internally is vital to be able to send urgent messages to employees about meetings, and many other things, it also helps to clear up any problems within the business so that employees are happy with their jobs and a pleasant working atmosphere is maintained. ...read more.


There is also no immediate feedback. Telephones and mobiles are a form of electronic communication; this provides a fast communication within the business/organisation and with others out side the business/organisation. Mobile telephones ensure that people can be contacted in case of an emergency or contacted for business purposes, even when they are away from the office. Immediate feedback can be obtained. Problems can be sorted quickly. You can also respond to any questions and reactions. Information can quickly be received. It is a quick way of communicating, especially if the other person is a long way away or out the office or even country. You can check that the person has understood what you have said. You know that you are talking to the correct person, and your conversation is relatively private. But also sometimes verbal messages can be misunderstood. There is no written record of the conversation. When using a mobile it is sometimes difficult to get a signal or you could even have a signal failure. The process can be time consuming if the person it unreachable. A meeting is when people from the business/organisation meet up to discuses important issues that are related to the business/organisation. Queries can be answered during a meeting, questions can be asked, and feedback can also be obtained. A main benefit is the face you get to talk to people face to face. But people can also become bored and start to think about inappropriate things. Sometimes people feel meeting has been a waste of time and they think that they have made a wasted a journey. People could also be out of the area and unable to make it to the meeting. A notice is a printed announcement, which could be internal or external. Notices can be anything that displays information on any subject. If well designed a notices can attract people's attention. They can be seen by serve people if placed in at lounge ect. ...read more.


For Mr Edward's problem of forgetting something that have happened in the meetings I would recommend that the company would buy a dictation machine this is a small handheld device that records, what is beings said on to a micro tape, one of the main type of people whom use these devices are the press, because when they interview someone everything that they have said has been recorded for future reference. I think the most suitable dictation machine is the Sanyo TRC525C at �17.99. This is because it cheap and easy to use with a one touch recording device. The dictation machine has twin speed and comes with a cassette; carry pouch and a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. I think it also would be advisable to recommend a new fax machine that loads A4 paper, as from doing my research within the company I found out that a lot of employs found it difficult to load the fax machine, by upgrading to a plain paper fax machine this problem will be eased. The Fax I would like to recommend is Philips PPF411 Plain Paper Fax, it has a built in telephone and photocopier. The fax machine also has a vertical paper-handling device making it even easier. With this fax 10 pagers can be sent at one time instantly or delayed. This fax can make copies of documents smaller than A4, it prints from an ink film on standard A4. The Philips PPF411 Plain Paper Fax has 10 ring tone melodies, CLI (subject to network), name dial and volume control, and much, much more. (Please see appendix for more details on Fax machines all information based on the spring/summer 2003 Argos catalogue). From doing on research on the company, by interviewing Mr Edwards and doing questionnaires, I do not think I could make any other Recommendations because, the company is running affectively with the other communicational devices. Victoria Edwards Business & Communication Systems Page 1 Course Work ...read more.

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