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I am going to create a macro that will allow Mr Gascoigne's company, (Shoes 'n all) to insert a different response into a template letter, so that the letter will contain the necessary information appropriate for the use.

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Macro/ Toolbar I am going to create a macro that will allow Mr Gascoigne's company, (Shoes 'n all) to insert a different response into a template letter, so that the letter will contain the necessary information appropriate for the use. I am going to create 4 different Macros. They will input a short paragraph that will tell the reader about their credit bill to the company. The 4 Macro's will be: 1. To open the Master Letter 2. Telling the reader that their credit bill is up to date and that they hope that the customer will continue using the company to buy their shoes. 3. Telling the customer that their credit bill is slightly behind and that the require the credit bill as soon as possible 4. Telling the customer that they haven't paid their bill for quite a while and that their credit account has been closed. 5. A slogan that will appear in the footer. ...read more.


To load the Macro I went to Tools -> Macro -> Play Macro Now that the letter had been opened I wanted to start to record a new macro. I started it the same way as I did at point 1 and entered the name as Para. Again, like before the cursor turned into a picture of a tape, to signify that it is recording. When recording macros it is unadvisable to use the mouse to select text because it sometimes causes complications. So what I wanted to do was to select the paragraph, Copy it, Move up to the blank space in the letter and paste in the paragraph. So to do this all on keyboard I moved down the page to the paragraph by using the cursor keys. Once I got to the first paragraph I wanted to highlight it. To do this without the mouse I went to the point before the paragraph, held down shift and scrolled along the text using the cursor keys. I stopped scrolling at the end of the paragraph. ...read more.


So I used the mouse and pressed View-> Header and Footer (Bottom Left) Now That the actual bar was created I just wanted to insert the macros in to the toolbar. So I pressed the commands tab and dragged each of the macros into the toolbar. Once they had been dragged in, they looked like this. As you can see the icons are very wordy. So I decided to assign a picture to each of them so it would be easier select them and understand them. So, to do this I: 1. Selected the icon. 2. Press Modify Selection 3. Select Change Button Image 4. Select the picture So I selected a different picture for each icon. I tried to make it as appropriate as I could Master=Speak Para1=Happy Face Para2=Piggy Bank Para3=Unhappy Face Footer=Steps It is also possible to change the Macro in the actual code. To open the macro code I went to Tools-> Macro->Macros I then selected the Macro I wanted to edit and Selected edit. The code then appeared. I then Edited it. See documents 6 & 7 Sam Flower Macro's and Toolbars GNVQ IT Page 1 ...read more.

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