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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2402

I am going to design a spreadsheet model for a painting company which will allow them to find out how much it will cost to paint the inside of a house.

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Painting a house Choice of problem I am going to design a spreadsheet model for a painting company which will allow them to find out how much it will cost to paint the inside of a house (excluding ceilings and floors), of a certain size and with a certain colour and finish of paint and a certain amount of workers involved. This would help the person in charge to show clients the price of what they want in a quicker way. It would also help him to decide if the price is acceptable, and if not he could then just change around a few inputs immediately. Description of problem I have decided to design a spreadsheet model for a painting company because the problem that they have now is it takes a long time and mistakes are easily made when they are estimating the cost of large paint jobs with a pen and paper. Another major problem is that as the information is not stored safely it is easily lost which wastes a lot of time. My solution is going to target the task of estimating the costs of large paint jobs with a good and easy to use spreadsheet model. The spreadsheet model will contain useful information for the company. The spreadsheet model will be able to have data added and changed to it and will also be able to be printed out to help customers. ...read more.


The spreadsheet model will also enable Mr.Sheen to change any output he does not feel is reasonable by simply changing the appropriate inputs. It will merely take a few seconds, as the outputs will be connected to the inputs by formulas. The costs of developing the spreadsheet will be explained in the resources. My evaluation will be based firstly on whether it works properly, secondly that it is faster at finding the cost of painting a wall of a certain size in a certain colour and finish than the current system and thirdly whether the shop assistants and owners find it easy and efficient to use. Design of solution After carrying out my investigation and analysing the results, and seeing how information is currently collected and used, I have decided that my model will be one that when a certain length and height is entered, the area, tins of paint required, total cost and how much and how long it will take a certain amount of painters to paint the wall will all be automatically worked out. First I will design the model, then I will test it to make sure that everything is running smoothly. After that is complete I will write up user and technical documentations, which will teach the staff how to use the model. To save time for the user, my model will show the cost of five different finishes of paint at for two different makes of paint the same time. ...read more.


Now I will be describing the software that the company needs to be able to run the spreadsheet model. First they will need an operating system to be able to use the computer, but this usually comes with the computer so it does not need to be purchased. I would recommend the use of an up to date operating system such as Windows 2000 or Windows Millennium but we will be using Windows 98. Then they will obviously need Microsoft Excel to be able to make spreadsheet models. I would recommend a new version of Excel, such as Excel 2000, seeing as this has the most features and functions which can be used to enhance the spreadsheet, but this usually comes installed on the operating system. They could also have Microsoft Word if they chose so, to write up reports or other information concerning jobs, etc. Again I would recommend a new version of Word, such as Word 2000, seeing as it is the most updated version and has most new features, but again this usually comes installed on the operating system. All the hardware and software needed to make the spreadsheet will cost around �1000- �1200 but seeing as the company does not have that kind of money at the moment the computer they will be using has been loaned to them by a family member of an employee. ...read more.

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