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I am going to explain how ICT helps the functional areas of Nab Wood Sports Centre to work together. This Centre uses different ICT technologies to run this Sports Centre.

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I am going to explain how ICT helps the functional areas of Nab Wood Sports Centre to work together. This Centre uses different ICT technologies to run this Sports Centre. These technologies are walkie talkie, Spreadsheet, fax machines, Microsoft processing packages, LAGAN system etc. Microsoft processing packages are used in the functional areas to email each other, to send a memo, write a letter, entering the details of customers etc. Human resources department use ICT to communicate with the manager and staff at Nab Wood Sports Centre. And when the new employee is needed the manager writes down the job specification on a word document and the advert on the publisher and he then sends it to the HR department of Bradford Council and if they find it perfect they email it back to the manager so he can advertise it on the paper. ...read more.


Nab Wood Sports Centre and Bradford Council look at it together and they work on it to improve the services they are providing to the customers. Spreadsheets are used by the financial department and the manager of the Sports Centre. They are used to keep the details of the expenses and costs of their business. Financial department in Bradford Council email the account details to the manager to have a look at them. They then calculate the profit or loss and discuss it between each other. Invoices are sent to the financial department via post which are then recorded by them because they have to pay the invoice and then they have to deduct the money out of the budget for the sports centre which is kept on a spreadsheet. ...read more.


Walkie talkie is used between the duty officers to communicate with each other and to stay up to date with the situation. They use it through the computer and they also keep the manager up to date. So wherever they are in the Sports Centre they don't have to come up to each other to communicate. All they have to do is speak through warlike talkie. All these technologies of the ICT are very helpful for the functional areas of Nab Wood Sports centre to work together. ICT plays a very important role when the functional areas work together. This even helps to achieve the aim of Nab Wood Sports Centre as well. ?? ?? ?? ?? Explain How ICT help the functional areas work together Ghazal Khan ...read more.

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