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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3793

I am going to write my project on my local hardware shop, which is called B & K; it is based down the street just from where I live.

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Introduction Background information I am going to write my project on my local hardware shop, which is called B & K; it is based down the street just from where I live. The shop provides a range of hardware goods such as household to gardening for the community in Nottingham. In terms of sales the shop is doing well apart from the current system, which is paper based. Some customers have big orders in this type of situation if there isn't enough stock in the shop then we have to order the stock, which the customer wants and tell them to come on a certain day so that when the stock arrives at the shop the customer can come and obtain stock or B & K hardware staff can deliver stock if a customer wants their goods to be delivered to their door step. The products sold at the shop are of a good quality and value for money The shop has been opened since 1990; it is very successful for its hardware goods service this is because of the quality of hardware products. The shop generally has customers from all around the areas of Nottingham. The shop is open 7 days a week from 9:00am through to 6.00pm. Most importantly the hardware shop provides: > Goods in shop > Stock deliveries to customers for large orders > Hires stock to such as wallpaper remover machine, etc to people, especially builders. The need for a new system has arose because of competition from another hardware shop that has opened a few streets away from B & K. the new hardware shop called 'Dale Hardware' has a computerised system. Since this hardware shop has opened with a computerised system, it has been running successfully because customers do not have to wait long to obtain a receipt, items can be look up straight away to see if they are in stock or not, etc. ...read more.


only selects data that is available Data Verification & Validation > Input masks will be used so that Mr Hartij Singh does not accidentally enter incorrect details into the system. Data Processing > It must also be able to compile reports Output Required The system must produce a list of people in a table that have placed a big order User Interface > The system must be easy to use and navigate through > The system must look professional Security > Password protection must be used > Password will be changed on regular basis to maximize security e.g. every 2 weeks Data Backup & Archiving There must be an archive feature in the system The system must be backed up on a regular basis End Users Training Needs I will introduce the end user to the new system. The end user has a good understanding of ICT and he has the skills to use the system, so he will not require a lot of training, although I will run over the system with and give him a user guide, so if he does get stuck, then hw can use the user guide to help him through. The proposed System Overview My new system would do the following: > Store Stock Details (Table) > Store Customer Details (Table) > Store Employee Details (Table) > Store Suppliers Details (Table) > Store Sale By Stock Item (Table) > Store Ordering stock by looking at product tables and quantities (Table) > Store Employee Pay System (Table) > Delete items more than 2 years old (Query) > Show stock which has a quantity greater than 5 (Query) > Show all stock which has a quantity less than 5 (Query) > Workout employee pay (Employee Pay System - Hours Worked) (Query) > Customer Search (Query) (Query based on a form) > Employee Search (Query) (Query based on a form) > Product Search (Query) (Query based on a form) > Show sales by stock item (Query) > Show total sales (Query) ...read more.


8) Would you like mail merges in your system? Yes I would like mail merges such as employee work absent letter and also a holiday/bonus mail merge has well so if I want to give a holiday or a bonus to an employee I will use the mail merge. 9) Would you like macros in your new system? Yes, but I am not sure where about in the new system. 10) Would you like formulas to calculate anything? There will be 1 part in my system which I would only let my employees to use, this will be to workout the payment a customer has to pay example if a customer has bought a tin of paint and some gardening equipment I would like the system to calculate the price for the gods and the total payment for customer to pay. I want my employees to use the new system to calculate goods payments from customers instead of doing them on the till this will be easy to use and efficient. 11) Would you like color schemes in your system? I would prefer color but not too much only highlight some parts in the system, which are important. 12) Other than you would there be anyone else using your system? Yes I will let my employees use the system. 13) Are you or another person who will use the system color blind? No 14) For security purposes would you like your system to be password protected? Yes I would like to have my system password protected and give permission to employees to access and open up the system to use as a till system on PCs in the hardware store. 15) Would you prefer your company/business logo? Yes I would, put my existing logo on the system if possible or something else suitable. 16) Would you like to keep a work attendance record for employees to find out who is coming to work more often and who is not? Yes if it is possible for you to create one for me. ...read more.

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