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I am writing about an employer using PC Technology, Entertainment and Mobile Technology in her work, social, and personal life, and I will explain briefly how it helps her to use them

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Adult in Employment - 3B Introduction I am writing about an employer using PC Technology, Entertainment and Mobile Technology in her work, social, and personal life, and I will explain briefly how it helps her to use them. This person is my cousin called Juan who is a businesswoman and is running a company which it called "Manchester Appliances". In this company she has different kind of technologies such as computers, Freezer, Fridges, oven etc. Juan uses Software (such as, Excel, Word etc.) at work time because she finds it easier and makes it less difficult to read. She could be able to save all her work in the computer and take less time to find the details about her clients. It easily corrects the spelling if she typed wrong. In her file she uses photos, graphics, macros, columns, images, logos or other nonessentials etc. She also uses publisher only to make leaflets for her company, otherwise she does not need publisher to use for other items. She is very fond of using a mobile phone in her social time because she has a business to run, she needs to make a lot of phone calls in order to improve her communication skills and she uses a lot of time making calls of people. Also it allows her to run her business easier and quicker. A mobile phone is the best thing for her to use because she can save her private information in it. Use the built in calculators for simple maths. She can also use Internet on her mobile phone for news, entertainment sending and receiving messages etc. storing information of people whom she contacts by phone or voice mails. By using the Internet she learns more useful information for her business and communications between herself and the clients such as E-mails etc. Juan is spending her personal times at home on the Internet because she finds it very quiet and relaxing. ...read more.


She uses this software because it allows her to put the information in a table and set it out neatly, she can do quite complicated searches where she needs to pick out certain information from her spreadsheet and print it out on a separate page. It lets her enter data when she needs to update the current spreadsheet. So this software is very useful for this kind of task. For producing the mailing list database she could use these applications that she has explained below. All could be used for different reasons. The aim of this task is that she creates a database which is easy and efficient to use. It can be updated automatically when the date is over due by inserting the software CD and update it again. Stock updates happen because of EPOS, stock never too low, not over stock. In the future there could be a new version of software that would be voice controlled and type for her and could be easier for Juan during work time. She could be able to go to a different place and keep typing and maybe even print and make it ready for her to put in an envelope and post it or whatever. It would be great to have easy and fast access to her data and reports for her clients, customers and managers, regardless of where she is for example wireless connect can be useful for her. It could be possible to have all the functions of words and excel that she needs to make the systems work. I am going to write about the advantages of spreadsheet software that it is useful because it sets up all of the entered data in a table so it is easy to read and find. It allows you to enter data that is needed for updating. This software is good for her because she is familiar with it and in many ways it is exactly the same and just as good. ...read more.


Also if she has little children then they can get online and get into a lot of trouble like going into websites that little kids shouldn't be going into and some of those cost money per minute. It has made a bad influence on her because it takes up a lot of her time like when she goes to download items or when she tries to research on the internet it has cost her a lot of money before and she didn't even know it. In Juan's opinion in every society she has to follow the rule of that place. The Internet is growing, in the number of users and growing in the public's way of thinking. The Internet is one of the newest technologies that are transforming almost every aspect of how she communicates and with whom, as well as just about any aspect of her life. She is one of the most enthusiastic Internet users and she is convinced of its general usefulness and positive benefits. However behind, the Internet, as well as its technology, no one owns the network and there is no law and regulations. In consequence of the growth of the Internet, there have been increasing calls for its regulation from many sides. The Internet for Juan has so much information on it that the big problem is finding it. Because of this, a variety of tools are available that can help researchers find certain information. So much information is already available on the Internet that tools are needed to find it. An advantage would be that a lot of time preparing is saved to give more time for personal and social time. A disadvantage would be that the files could get corrupted or the files could get lost. It is easy to back this up by using the grandfather, father, son back-up system. So, in evaluation, the computerized system is far better than the old paper-based system because much time is saved which results in the life of Juan's being made a lot easier. ?? ?? ?? ?? Naz Mariwan ICT Coursework - 3b ...read more.

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