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I.C.T ILP week 2

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You think that mobile phones are tricky now? Here's the next upgrade The latest revolution in mobile phones has arrived, even if consumers are still grappling with the finer points of the last one. ...read more.


Soon it will be able to perform all the functions a lot quicker. The future of mobile phones was unveiled yesterday, and it was all about speed. Leaders in phone technology introduced a bullet-speed "4G" service that will allow mobile phone users to download from the internet at least ...read more.


Mobile phones 'will democratise the web' The man with the enviable title of chief internet evangelist at Google has predicted that mobile phones, not personal computers, will fuel the growth of the worldwide web, as countries such as India snap up millions of handsets every month. summary this about mobile phones being the fuel of the internet instead of personal computers. ...read more.

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