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I.C.T In The Society.

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I.C.T has improved and helped in many ways. In the home and use at work. There have been many advances in communications technology such as the internet. I.C.T has also had an impact on Teleworking, shopping, organisational structure, at home, education and medicine. There are also some drawbacks which we will discuss later such as fraud on the internet, porn and other things. Teleworking: I.C.T has introduced Teleworking; Teleworking is when a member of organisation arranges to work at home rather than in the work place. This arrangement has become increasingly, achievable through the use of computers, the availability of the internet. Internet links and advance in communication technology- e.g. fax machines, e-mail, video conferencing etc. advantages are less pollution is caused because less people will have to use transport to go to work; less money will be wasted on childminders and transport money. No pressure of your boss looking over your shoulder, and more comfort and greater productivity which will lead to good work, good pay or even a promotion via e-mail of course. However there are disadvantage for example social isolation, there may be distractions like children like the picture above. ...read more.


Also less storage space for an office place and also reliance on the computer to help you do the job. However there are also disadvantages which employees might feel they need to be provided with personal support and advice which a computer obviously can't give, it could also cause health hazards to employees whom might be working for extremely long hours. At home: At home I.C.T has effected quite a lot surprisingly. Washing machines, micro waves, TV, lots of advantages has come from it because it has provided protection and security for your home environment. For e.g. alarms to alert home owners for any possible burglaries, heating controls to measure the temperature of heat and control any boiler busts. You can also shop on the net and keep your finance in order via internet. However its disadvantages are server if things go wrong. Your machines could all get over powered and bust, no control over the machines extremity, could cost a lot when the bills come in and if they were to bust your home could be set on fire. At schools: Computer at school has changed the way we learn. ...read more.


Also treating the wrong patient for the wrong treatment and mix-up in database files. These could all lead up to disastrous out come and lots of deaths. Drawbacks: There are also drawbacks of I.C.T for example physical health problems like eye problems could result to blindness or RSI, carpal syndrome, fraud over the internet downing loading things and selling them which is copywriting and is a serious criminal offence and could result to prosecution if were caught. Time wasting, games on-line and addiction to it could occur. Porn or even child porn which is disgusting to think someone could get hold of and publicize or even getting to interact with paedophiles that your not aware of which is a dangerous and very serious issue that could do serious harm. So there is a downside and a very risky on to mess around with. Because I.C.T is becoming more important in society and the demand for qualified It people is increasing this is shown by the increase in the number of I.C.T qualification gained. As I have discussed in my essay I.C.T has had a big impact on society on the way people work and also live. Although there are many positive impacts such as on education and health there are also negative impacts such as health problems and fraud on the internet. Suhayla Begum 9P ...read more.

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