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I.C.T Unit 3c

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Unit 3c Special Needs In this part of the coursework I am going to layout all the needs of a person who has mobility impairment. His name is Scott and he is a 19-year-old engineering student with muscular dystrophy. Scott needs special technologies in order to keep his life running as normal as possible. Some technologies that Scott may need are: * Tracker Ball * Head Tracker * Screen Keyboard * Brain Switch * Voice Recognition Tracker Ball: A tracker ball is an input device where a finger is used to rotate a ball. This moves a pointer to the screen. A tracker ball is very useful to Scott. This helps him to move the pointer around easily. The tracker ball is a replacement for a normal mouse. Scott has troubles gripping the mouse because of his deficiency. It is easier for him to use a tracker ball because this allows him to gently move the ball just with one finger. This is easier because his hands can shake quite a lot and he cannot control this so using just one finger can make life so much easier and its not as frustrating because he don't need to use up all his energy. ...read more.


On Screen Keyboard: An on screen keyboard is easier for Scott to use because of his deficiency and his hands shake a lot he cannot control the keys properly because his hand is not stable he cannot tap the right keys and can sometimes become very frustrating. So using the onscreen keyboard he can easily access the letters by clicking on them with his tracker ball or head tracker, which he finds easier to use. Without these two technologies he could not use the on screen keyboard. He can also use all the numbers and punctuation that is needed. This can also be easier for him in terms of his head movement. He does not need to be lowering his head to look at the keyboard and then looking up again at the screen, with the On Screen Keyboard, he can keep a constant look at the screen and this doesn't need head movement. Of course, the on screen keyboard can become a bit tiring and a bit useless, because Scott has to find every letter and click on it and this can take quite a while. ...read more.


If he has small light switches or the electrical alarm for his oven is too small for him to be able to get it turned off quickly then the switch can help him turn this off. Small things like this can really change his life to make it easier because these small things are what he does regularly and this way he knows that he can count on the brain switch to help him out. But I know there are people who need it more than Scott would but it can still be a technology to help Scott with his daily life. In conclusion I think that most of these technologies do make Scott's life much easier to handle with his deficiency. Obviously not all of these technologies are 100% effective and every technology has their disadvantages as I have listed above but there are more advantages to the technologies then there are disadvantages and I think that as long as it helps Scotts even a little bit, it's very successful because it's helping the difficulties of someone's life so much easier. [A1] [A1]You need to conclude your work by saying how these technologies either meet or do not meet Scot's needs. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ms MacLaren I.C.T Coursework Daniela Goncalves 10W ...read more.

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