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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1196

I have been asked to create this spreadsheet to help staff at World Club Travel be more efficient in recording customer's holiday bookings.

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I have been asked to create this spreadsheet to help staff at World Club Travel be more efficient in recording customer's holiday bookings. The aims of this spreadsheet are to make holiday prices quicker and easier to calculate and to make the process more time efficient. The database will achieve this by making the information faster to access and by cutting down on the amount of paper used. The user won't need to do any of the working out, as the spreadsheet does this automatically. The spreadsheet will be linked with a database that will contain and log information about the holidays and customers. The database and the spreadsheet will work together to provide a fast and reliable service to the company. One of the more advanced features of the spreadsheet is to break down and display all of the individual fragments of the final price. The spreadsheet will display the VAT, which can be altered to cater for any changes the government make, the profit, which is set at 5% but can also be edited, the cost of travel insurance, the final price and the holiday details. ...read more.


The data from that column, and all of the information for that holiday, is then displayed along the bottom row of the spreadsheet by more VLookup formulae that look at all of the other columns. In my spreadsheet I have used absolute cell referencing for applying different VAT percentages. The formulae under the 'VAT' column all look at cell G1, which contains the number '0.175'. This means that all of the formulae under the VAT column multiply the original price of their assigned holiday by whatever number is in cell G1. The VAT percentage in the spreadsheet is variable to fit in with the current real-world VAT percentage. Here is an example of a change in VAT down to 15%. This is displayed on the spreadsheet as 0.15. I predict that this increase in VAT percentage will not make very much difference to holiday prices. My prediction was correct, as there was no large price increase. In the screenshot below I have changed the VAT percentage to 50% to show what a drastic impact a VAT percentage rise like this would have on holiday prices. ...read more.


To do this, I had to create a new reference cell underneath the VAT reference cell. All of the formulae in the 'Profit' column now multiply the original price by whatever is in the reference cell, which in this screenshot is G2. The final modification to the column was to rename it from '5% profit' to 'Profit', as the profit percentage is now controlled by the reference cell. Another small modification I have chosen to implement is to rename the column header 'For how long' to 'Duration (Days)', as this is shorter, and is a more relevant phrase. The screenshot below shows my final completed spreadsheet. The total time it took to complete, including this report, was about four months. Originally, this spreadsheet had a user interface, comprising of a customer interface, a booking sheet and a customer invoice, all of which were linked by macros, but half way through the chapter we had a teacher change and the user interface was deemed unnecessary. If I could do this project again, I wouldn't have made a user interface, as this wasted a lot of time. I would have done more research before hand, as I didn't do very much research. GNVQ Spreadsheet Report Adrian Parsons Page 1 14/10/02 ...read more.

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