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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1475

I have been commissioned by a market research company to analyse the popularity of computer games with the teenage market.

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Modelling assignment. I have been commissioned by a market research company to analyse the popularity of computer games with the teenage market. The market research company requires a list of games, the name of the console, price of the game and the rating of each game (from1-10). To complete this assignment I will be required to complete some research into the games and their popularity with the teenage audience. I will then use the information that I have compiled to perform some calculations. Transferring data I am going to extract data from the database, which I made previously as part of my database assignment. I will extract the data by creating a query. This is a screen dump of the query in Access. This is the data that I extracted from the table in Access and saved as a spreadsheet. The reason why I moved the data was so that I would be able to use Excel and the data collected in order to do some calculations and create charts. Setting up the spreadsheet I formatted the spreadsheet by changing the font used in the spreadsheet to Palatino Linotype, changing the headings so that they are now in bold. I also formatted all of the columns so that the information in them would be able to fit into them and I formatted the column 'Price' so that all of the data that is entered into it will be currency, and will have a � sign in front of it and the data will automatically be to two decimal places. ...read more.


There are two parts to the IF formula that I used, one part of the formula makes sure that games with a popularity rating of 6 or over will be called 'Popular'. The other part of the formula makes sure that all the games with ratings of 5 or under will be called 'Not popular'. I dragged the corner of cell F2 down, with the formula in it, so that all of the games would have an IF formula, which will correspond to their rating. I verified that the IF formula was working by checking the rating with the popularity rating. If the rating was 5 or under then the popularity rating should be that it is 'Not popular'. However, if the rating is 6 or over, the game should have been rated as 'Popular'. Also, I looked through most of the cells with the IF formula in them to check that they all correspond with the cells next to them. I did not need to change the page orientation or page set up as I had already done this earlier on. As you can see from the screen dump below, all of the data from the spreadsheet fits onto one page. As the Market research company only want the 10 most popular games, I will need to delete all the other games. I will sort out the 10 most popular games by sorting the games by their ratings. ...read more.


I did this by copying the Game name and Ratings columns onto a new sheet. I then highlighted these two columns and clicked on the chart wizard button. I created a simple column graph by using the chart wizard. I formatted the graph by changing the alignment of the game names so that it was easier to read them. I also changed the font size and type of the writing so that it also much easier to read the writing. I chose to use a column graph as I think that it shows the data better than another chart. For the market researchers it will be very easy to compare the ratings. Further investigations The spreadsheet could be further enhanced and improved by adding this data: * The genre of the game - this will allow the market researchers to see, which types of genres are most popular. * The number of players who can play the game - this will allow the market research company to see whether or not people prefer to play one player or multi-player games. I do not think that the spreadsheet needs any more formulas in order to improve it. I also don't think that the data there can be calculated by using any formulas. I created a folder entitled 'Modelling', in this folder there are all the spreadsheets that I have created and my assignment as well. Here is a screen dump, which shows where I have saved all my work. Hanna Cheung Exam number: 8032 Centre name: SHCC Centre number: 56515 ...read more.

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