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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4936

I intend to produce a piece of software to enable young children to establish the basic computer skills as a foundation to there IT learning - I shall do this by having two separate learning games, Mouse Movement and Keyboard Skills.

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Advanced Higher Computing Project ASHLEY ELIZABETH McLEOD BELMONT ACADEMY, AYR 981867807 Project Proposal What is the background to the project? Young children are encouraged in early primary school years to learn simple mathematic and language skills on a computer. Although prior to this learning they have no previous experience of computing skills. Young children of Pre-School age should be able to use a computer system, but are not given the opportunity to learn the basic skills. Therefore core learning is held back in latter years due to unsatisfactory IT learning in the early stages. What is the nature and extent of the project? I intend to produce a piece of software to enable young children to establish the basic computer skills as a foundation to there IT learning. I shall do this by having two separate learning games, Mouse Movement and Keyboard Skills. In Mouse Movement, the aim is to begin the process of practising using the mouse. My intent is to have a bright screen layout and have, my star of the software, Daffy Duck, introduce the task. This will be presented on the screen in the form of text and also verbally spoken as children of such a young age might not be able to read the text, but will be able to understand vocal communication. The exercise will take the form of six coloured splodges on the screen, Daffy Duck will tell them to click on a certain colour and the user should move the mouse over the appropriate colour and click. Mouse Movement should learn the user the importance of accuracy when about to click. It also shows that by clicking, a reaction occurs, important as part of psychological theory of learning. (Classical Conditioning: Pavlov 1849 - 1936) Again in Keyboard Skills Daffy Duck introduces the exercise. This time a word appears on the screen, Daffy Duck instructs the user to "type the word". The user should type the word in the text box provided, and then click "OK". ...read more.


This will not only allow me to have a prototype of what I initially would have liked my final piece to look like but will also show links and documentation. In Power Point I will be able to use colour, sound and graphics, out of reach in the likes of UniComal and Visual Basic. This makes it more appealing to young users. As I already have an extensive knowledge of Power Point I will only have to refresh this. However, in reference to 1. , Users will have to have access to a multimedia computer. My suggestions to go along with the fourth option are feasible as there is sufficient technology available; it is economically feasible as everything that I need as already assessable. Software Design Opening Page The opening page to my project will be a general introduction. Basically its purpose is to give the links to the activities and also to the parental page. The main characters for the whole project will first appear here. In an ideal word I would have liked for him to speak as well as the words be on the screen as children may not be able to read them. Opening Page Design 1. Show Opening Screen (Time Hold 10 Seconds) 2. Enter choice 2.1 IF choice = Mouse Movement Open Mouse Movement IF choice = Keyboard Skills Open Keyboard Skills IF choice = Parental Information Open Parental Information END IF END IF END IF Mouse Movement The mouse movement screen will be very colourful. As it is the first activity a good impression must be made to encourage the user to continue using the software. The first screen will be Daffy Duck describing the game and telling the user what to do. This will be on a time hold for ten seconds to allow the user to read the information before automatically progressing forward. This is also beneficial as the whole point in the exercise is to learn how to use the mouse, therefore I don't wont the user to have to click to enter the page. ...read more.


I thought this would be quite fun. EG the user could choose from different pop songs to listen to while they learn, like Brittany Spears or Atomic Kitten. 6. In Keyboard skills I would have liked the user to choose a level, the harder the lever the longer the word that they have to type. 7. In both activities I would have liked a timer so that there could be a time limit on clicking or typing. 8. In mouse skills I would liked to have had a censor areas around the colours so that if the user missed the colour it would be classed as wrong, since the whole activity is about accuracy. 9. To have an escape button so that the user can finish the activity without completion. Technical Guide Your Guide to trouble Free Learning Parental Section Your software includes a parental page to help you solve any problems that you may have during your learning experience. It is geared towards adults to allow you to solve any little glitches and to allow you to see how your child will learn. System Requirements * Windows? 95 or higher * 450 Mhz Intel? Pentium processor or 500 AMD? Athlon?processor * 128 MB RAM * Microsoft Power Point * Keyboard * Mouse User's Manual Basic User Interface The Software uses a Graphical ser Interface (GUI). This GUI makes use of a pointer device (such as a mouse) and a button (left mouse button). These two together will allow the user to make choices. THE USER INTERFACE IS KEPT CONSTANT THROUGHOUT. Navigation Each page is opened by navigation through the opening page. Click on the activity you wish to do and the software will open up the correct application for you. At present there is no way of escaping the application without correct completion. Volume The recording levels of the various audio clips through out the software may not be consistent; therefore it might be necessary for the user to change the volume on the output speakers accordingly. ...read more.

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