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I.T Coursework

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I.T Coursework File naming convections (Filename=JMWDfilename) My filename convection is my initials and the initials of the document I have been working in E.G word WD. So if I wanted to save a file on the internet and I produced it in word it would save it as JMWDinternet. This is how I would save all of my documents in the school year, the reason for this is because you can then find all of your documents and other saved items, very quickly and simply. Backups (Filename=JMWDfilename) Backups: A backup is a is a file that has been saved in more than one place, it's a good idea to do this in case of a robbery, fire or any other ways you can lose your data. ...read more.


If a hacker is to get access to your computer you should disconnect from the internet, this will stop the connection between your computer and the hackers. Hardware It is important not to tamper with any internal/external connections on the pc unless you are a qualified too; doing so without proper qualification can cause damage to your pc or damage yourself even causing death in some cases. If your worried that your computer could be stolen there is lots of cables or other protective materials you can use to stop theft. By Jason Moore 11h COPYWRIGHT ISSUES Copyright - Definition A copyright is a form of intellectual property that grants its holder the sole legal right to copy their works of original expression, such as a literary work, movie, musical work or sound recording, painting, computer program, or industrial design, for a defined period of time. ...read more.


Additionally most computer viruses have a destructive payload that is activated under certain conditions. Example: The Chernobyl virus overwrites the beginning of the hard disk on certain dates. (QUOTED FROM: www.ibas.com/about/dictionary) Viruses are over the internet and a lot of people can now get a virus without even knowing it, it is important for people to have antivirus software like "ZONEALARM", "NORTON" an lots of over antivirus software. Viruses unfortunately are not the only threat to our computers, spy ware, ad ware, and many other nasty content can enter your computer without your consent, they can do this by entering through a website. There are many ways to prevent all these threats to your computer by updating your computer anti-virus software this could save you lots of time, money and a huge waste of your time. By Jason Moore 11h ...read more.

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