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I.T. For a Wedding

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Review the work that you have done and say how successful your solutions were in completing the tasks. Reference should be made to the performance criteria. Evaluation for Task 1 - Directions to Helmcroft Hall I think that I was quite successful in completing my Task 1. Evaluation for Task 2 - Wedding Booking Systems After completing this task I was fairly pleased with my results. I found this task a little tricky as it involved the use of queries in Microsoft Access. Apart from that, extracting the results was very easy. Even though I had a choice of different softwares that I could use I think that my decision of using Access was a smart one. Access is an excellent software, which allows the adding, finding and extracting of data very easy if you get the hang of it. I think that if I were to use a different software such as Excel, it would have taken me a lot longer then it has when using Access. ...read more.


Even though this was one of the most complicated tasks I think I performed the best in this one. I met all my performance criteria's. Most of them were very simple, for example the spreadsheet had to include the Wedding name and date and had to be one sheet of A4. All these criteria's were met successfully. I faced a problem while doing the IF statement. I hadn't known it until I actually was faced with a problem involving it. I grasped the problem with out difficulties using the help of my teacher and the help-section provided by the software. With the effective use of fonts, colors and borders I was able to produce a very simple, non-technical spreadsheet, which any ordinary person can operate. One of the reasons why I think my spreadsheet was very easy to operate was due to the use of combo boxes. By using 'Combo Boxes' there is no problem a user can face, as all you have to do is to select a category. ...read more.


But I think that Word has done an equally effective job. Evaluation for Task 6 - Guest List at the Wedding Reception After completing this task I was quite pleased with my outcome. I think that from all the tasks that I have done, this was the easiest one. There were no complications involved, as the only thing that they required was a list of names and tables. However, fitting all the names in one column did take me some time. I used a variety of different fonts and sizes to see which one was most suitable and at the same time the correct size. I decided to add a border so make my sheet look more attractive. This has always been a problem for me because while printing out the border, the 'Color Printer' in our school cuts out one side of the border because of the size of its gutter. (ASK ROBERTS WAT IT WAS?) Apart from that I think that I think that it was all quite easy. I met all my personal criteria's. (For example, fitting the names and tables on one side of A4 using a suitable font) Overall I think that my task was successfully completed. ...read more.

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