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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1300

I.T. Project – Converting a Card Index System to a Database

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I.T. Project - Converting a Card Index System to a Database Analysis and Initial Ideas The present system is based on the manual card index system so most of the work is done by hand, however due to the ever increasing growth of technology, and the internet, a wide range of resources are now being made easily accessible. British Airways has recently introduced booking online, where customers can book a flight and accommodation all over the Internet. Being such a big company as British Airways, most of their bookings are made through travel agents who book the flights and pass the information on to them. Question 1 - Could you describe the current system being used by Question 2 - How are these cards stored? Question3 - What problems do you encounter at the moment? Software Available MICROSOFT OFFICE 2000 WORD PROCESSOR - MICROSOFT WORD 2000 A word processing package is a program or set of programs used to edit, format, store and print documents. Word processors have many important unique features: * Spelling and Grammar Checker Misspelt words, or grammatical errors can be identified and corrected by the words in the computers dictionary. Correct words, identified by the spell check as wrong can be added to the dictionary. ...read more.


It may be something as simple as a list of names and addresses or details of the CDs in your personal collection, or it may contain details of all the customers, products, orders and payments in a large organisation. When made reference to, the word 'database' is assumed to be data held on a computer, but manual databases also exist. Some smaller business (a garage) may hold a card index file with details about a customer and their car. The main difference between a manual and computerised databases is the speed at which data can be accessed. PRESENTATION GRAPHICS - MICROSOFT POWERPOINT 2000 Presentation graphics software such as PowerPoint is useful for putting together a presentation which can be delivered using a computer attached to a projection device, using transparencies and an ordinary overhead projector or as a self-running presentation in, say a shopping centre or cinema. The software allows the user to quickly create 'slides' combining text, graphics and pictures and to create animation or sound effects and 'transition' effects between slides. OPERATING SYSTEM - MICROSOFT WINDOWS 98 Hardware Available These are the specifications of the PC I am using at Home: OPERATING SYSTEM WINDOWS(r) 98 PLUS! CPU INTEL(r) CELERONTM / 333MHZ RAM 64MB FOR WINDOWS(r) ...read more.


I have already started to go through sample projects showing me how to go about certain tasks with a book titled 'Successful I.T. Projects in Excel', written by P.M Heathcote. End User Requirements > Provide detailed reports showing customer booking for every working day. > Produce summary reports for flight bookings in order of popularity. > Allow data entry for new customers. > Provide easy access for amendments to customer details and flight details. > Automatic backup for all centralised records daily and weekly. > Provide an exception report for outstanding customer debts or extreme bank credit limits. > The system should record financial details concerning money in/outstanding. > Allow queries on the current flight availability. Quantitative Criteria > Printed tickets are to be generated within 15 minutes. > Accessing and amending customer/Fight/Airport details should be instantaneous. > Queries are processed promptly on customer request. > Backup should occur automatically every 24 hours. > Flight details processed every Friday (1 hour max) > Exception reports are produced quickly on demand within a minute. Qualitative Criteria > The system should provide a workable Human Computer Interface system according to different users, i.e. simple menu selections or buttons > The company logo is consistent on all forms and reports. > Amount of available screen data is kept to a minimum (increase usability) > Help systems are easily accessible. > > > > British Airways Booking System ...read more.

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