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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4864

I.T. System for a Newsagents

Extracts from this document...


As in went into the first newsagents they said that they had no Information technology Equipment such as computers in their shop so I went into the next newsagent and explained to them I was in year 10 and was in the middle of doing a GCSE Coursework and was to update a system. I then said to them I would like to help them and update their system, they said they would be more than happy if I would do that for them because they did not know how much profit they were making or even loss. I then went into an off-licence that was near to where I lived on Cranbrook road. I told them what I was doing and explained that I was doing an Information technology Project, I then asked them if they would let me update their system so it would save them time and money on their business. They said, " yes ok, as it would help me as well". Now that I had one choice I had then started to make my way to the Gants hill library, they said that their system was already up to date but said thank you for the offer. I still had 2 offers but unfortunately had to choose. I decided by thinking of who would have the most benefit of the system and I thought in the end that a newsagent would not really need a system as much as an off licence, as an off-license has a lot more stock and is much bigger than newsagents, I also thought it would be more challenging than a newsagents and hope to find out the profit/loss made by my clients and also hope they benefit from me. This was my final decision. Description of Problem: An off-licence called Cranbrook Food & wines situated on Cranbrook road sells stock of food, drinks and sweets and other grocery items. ...read more.


Another overhead is the raw materials, this is when they buy the products that they are selling Number Yes This also varies from month to month so it will need to be typed in Manually. Total Overheads Formula No The Total Overheads are brought from the overheads so at the end of the month if the overheads were changed the total overheads would also change automatically. Systems Flowchart: . RESOURCES: I have now installed the help wizard on his computer, which should be able to help him, whenever I am not there to assist him. I have also installed Microsoft excel. I am now going to show you the hardware and software I am going or not going to use. Hardware: The hardware that I am using to create this system are Intel powered Pentium machines which have PII 266 systems, containing 2 GB of hard Drive, 32 Megs of RAM and a 8 Meg Video Card. The server that windows use is NT. My client Pc is very different it is a Gateway PC, Intel inside Pentium 3 PC with Windows 98. It contains 32 Megs of RAM, 20 GB of Hard drive, DVD and 20 Meg video drives. Software: The software packages that I am going to use are Word Processing, Desktop Publishing and Spreadsheet. A Word Processor can be used to write letters, reports, essays, projects, memos, curriculum vitae, theses and basically any form of written work. When text is entered at the keyboard, the characters and words are displayed on the screen and held in the computer's memory. This work can be saved to hard drive or disk and can also be printed out. The advantage of using a Word Processor is that the text can be changed or edited onscreen and reprinted if mistakes are made. I will be mainly using Word Processor to do my project, which is listed above. ...read more.


=SUM (B16-B17) This formula works out the closing balance by subtracting the Opening balance from Net cash flow resulting in the closing balance. Introduction: Now that I have finished creating a system I have to test it, to see if there are any problems. Strategy: There are to different ways I could test my system. Test1- I could test it with the current figures. Check if the formula works and see if the validation is accurate. Test2- I could test it with last year's figures, and see if the totals agree. I will then again see if the validation checks are accurate. I have chosen to do test 1 and I will do this by doing it in a Test plan & results table. The results able will consist of three columns the first is "Test" for what I'm going to test e.g. If the Validation works. The second is "Prediction" e.g. if I put the validation check in Cell C4 that 9>500, it would print error if there was more than 500. The last column is the "Results". It is where you put in he results of your test and to see if your predictions are correct. Test, plan and results table: Test Prediction Results Enter data, 250000 into cell C3 Validation Rule! If (20>4000000) it would Print "error" in cell C3 After inputting data in cell C3, C3 prints "error". My theory was right. Enter data =Sum (B6-B12) into cell B14 Formula After tapping enter in cell B14 and inputting formula cell B14 will print �3.800 After inputting formula and tapping enter in Cell B14, it prints �3.800 Enter data, 65422 into cell C5 Validation Rule! If (40>40000) it would print "error" in cell C5 Cell C5 Prints "error" Leave field "Stock" blank Presence check: Required entry. The Cell Would print "enter value in field." Cell prints "enter value in field." Enter data =Sum (C4:C5) into cell C6 Formula After pressing enter in Cell C6 and inputting formula cell C6 will print �24.300 After inputting formula and tapping enter cell C6 prints �24.300 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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