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I think that the task of creating my complete website including the banner and animation was very successful. The banner, website and animation that I created were professional looking.

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1) How did I feel the task went? What new ICT skills have I learnt? I think that the task of creating my complete website including the banner and animation was very successful. The banner, website and animation that I created were professional looking. As in my opinion I was able to create a professional and suitable complete website for Tr�caire. I accomplished the task by the use of various packages such as Adobe GoLive to create the website, Adobe LiveMotion to create my animation and also Adobe Photoshop to produce my banner. I was able to use various images including my logo and also the Tr�caire slogan to help create a professional banner and my animation which I added to my website. With the use of Adobe LiveMotion I have learnt how to add text and multiple images with different transformations which helps make it look more professional. You can even choose when you want each part of your animation such as text and images to appear and disappear. With the use of the timeline can be guaranteed with a professional result because all you need to do is insert text and the images that you are using. 2) ...read more.


Also correct any errors that I made I could simply delete them by selecting them and you can never tell if you have ever made a mistake. To make sure that you have made any mistakes there is tools such as spell and grammar check. However no matter what I still had proof read my work in case there was a word used that was the same as another but has a different meaning. (An example of this is too and to). Also I could also change colour, text font and size easy because you can make important bits of text a different colour, font and size so that they stand to the reader. 4) What are the benefits of the ICT system to the staff of the Environment Agency for your website? There are many different benefits to the staff of the Environment Group. They are things such as they can update the website, it would be less time consuming when adding new members as the members insert their own details and they can use my website as a template for future websites that they might wish to create. ...read more.


There would have to be many changes in the staff working conditions to make sure that health and safety factors are enforced. Seeing as the staff will spend more time on computers there will be many things needed so that Tr�caire's staff are safe in the work place. Some examples of this are: Causes of eyestrain are poor lighting, no breaks and flicking screen. To avoid eyestrain there would have to be good lighting in the room, blinds on the windows to reduce the glare of the screen coming from the sun. The causes of Repetitive Strain Injury are things such as repeating same movements over and over again, repetitive pressing of keyboard. To avoid Repetitive Strain Injury things such as correct typing technique, seating position and keyboard/wrist would have to be put in place. Some causes of stress are information overload, fear of computers, keeping knowledge up to date and fast pace of change etc. to make sure that the staff doesn't suffer from these problems they could make sure that there are breaks and other factors to help and secure the health and safety of their staff in the work place. ?? ?? ?? ?? Evaluation of System ...read more.

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