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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3702

I will be analysing the problems defined by the management in the old system and define what requirements my ICT system should have to solve these problems.

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In this section I will be analysing the problems defined by the management in the old system and define what requirements my ICT system should have to solve these problems. HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS This will be the requirements for the computer to be used in the new system: * ATX casing * AMD Athlon 1.2 GHz Processor * Asus A7V33 (C.O.P.) Motherboard * 256MB SDRAM * Maxtor 40GB HDD * NVIDIA GeForce 2 (64MB) * Creative Vibra 128 * Network Interface Card (NIC) * Creative Modem Blaster 56kbps Internal PCI Modem with Voice * 120W speakers * Samsung 3.44" FDD * Sony 52X/24X/52X CD-RW (CD-reader, CD-writer and CD-rewriter combo) * HP Inkjet 1160 printer * Canon scanner * Genius mouse * Genius multi-media keyboard This is why I chose these requirements: The ATX casing is important as it holds all the circuits together. Without it the circuits would be easily exposed to dust and so wear off quickly. The Asus A7V33 motherboard has CPU overheating protection (C.O.P.). Since the computers will be turned on for the whole day it is possible due to cooling fan failure that the computer will begin to overheat. This might cause damage to the internal components of the CPU. C.O.P. prevents this from happening because it shuts down the PC when the internal temperature goes above the recommended level. This system is good as now the data is more secure from being damaged or corrupted. The AMD Athlon 1.2GHz processor is reasonably cheap and fast so it is well suited to the new system which is to be implemented. Pentium might be a good choice but the processors are expensive and since one of my objectives is to reduce the cost to the company AMD is better suited. 256MB SDRAM is a recommended amount of RAM for the concerned processor. Also, having this amount of RAM will ensure that processing is fast. ...read more.


Customers can choose whether they want the product or products to be delivered to their residence. Q: Do you find any problems with this? A: The only problem is that the writing work is too slow. Also these receipt books also take up space so we need extra cabinets to store them. Otherwise it seems fine. I would want the system to automate the billing so that customer will not spend much time waiting for their receipt. Q: One of my friends who purchased some goods from your store said that you do not accept credit cards. Is this true? A: Yes. The problem is cash is the easiest payment. We do not have any terminals for using credit cards and credit cards bring up expenses. Since we are not benefiting from this old system, we would find the credit card terminal to be a great liability. Q: Do the problems you have mentioned increase the prices of the goods that you sell? A: Of course they do. We can't afford to keep profit levels low when the management expenses are high. Q: Is training required for the staff? A: Yes. We don't want any mishaps to take place so I think training is really necessary. From this interview I learned about many problems that the company is facing. These are the important points I have noted: * A lot of paper is used. This makes it easy to misplace. Some important files can be considered as trash and be disposed off accidentally. This could cause a problem for the company. Storing in a computer would be a better choice as the files could be organised. Also information is displayed on screen so no paper is needed unless the need for hardcopies arises. * Forms need to be made and filled in often. The changes to be made have to be written on new forms hence it contributes to the use of more paper. ...read more.


BACKUP STRATEGY AND DATA PRIVACY In my project, validation and verification processes are essential. In a computerised system the integrity of data is important. Verification is a double check to see whether data is correct or not. This can be done by having two operators type in the data and then the computer checks both lists and identifies any differences in the records. This would be very useful to the company as this would avoid any mistakes and increases the integrity of the data. Since the data should be accurate, verification should be carried out on every data entry so that none of the data is corrupt. Validation also is a very powerful feature as it too increases the integrity of data. Validation is carried out by placing some 'checks' on certain data items. For example, a length check could be installed on an ID field so that the field will not exceed the limit of characters. So if a product's ID is A4710 and a length check of 5 characters is induced then the value A47102 which might be accidentally typed will not be accepted by the computer. Validation is very important in my system as it completes one objective of my project: the integrity of data should be as high as possible. I will be using validation checks on most of my data items to ensure that the system is as accurate as possible. Backing up files is another important issue. The company could be at a loss if a virus is introduced to the computer system or there is a physical threat such as flood, fire etc. This would prove to be a serious problem to the company as important files may be lost. Since I am using a CD-RW the company can make a copy of the file and burn it onto a blank CD. Thus if there is a threat to the computer system then worry is not necessary as there are back ups. The company should back up their files every week on to a CD and everyday onto a floppy disk. ...read more.

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