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I will describe the software used for the hotel systems. I will show how the systems are linked together. I will describe the main hardware used by the hotel.

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Report My objectives I will describe the five main components of several of the hotel systems. By "five main components", I mean: 1. Input 2. Process 3. Output 4. Storage 5. Network I will describe the software used for the hotel systems. I will show how the systems are linked together. I will describe the main hardware used by the hotel. Introduction The hotel has given me a list of software it uses. I will include this list later on in my report. The hotel is made up of 170 rooms of which 150 are on 3 floors of 50 and 1 floor of 20. each floor has the following systems: * Key system * Environment system * VOD, telephone * Internet access * Minibar Key system When a customer checks in at the hotel reception, the receptionist gives them a key. The key is the same size as a credit card and is made out of plastic with a magnetic strip. ...read more.


Input = Current temperature & input => desired temperature & input => occupied or vacant Process 1 = if room is occupied the system becomes active, if it is empty heating and cooling is turned off this helps the hotel as it saves on the electricity bill by.................................................................................................... Process 2 = compare desired temp with current temp Process 3 = If the room is too hot, heating is turned off and cooling is turned on; if too cold, heating on and cooling off. Output = signals to the servos The rooms are organised in two groups of 25. The equipment in rooms are connected to a hub the hub is better then a switch because it can................................................................................................... The hub is connected to the building server on the ground floor Optic fibre cables can handle a lot more data then copper cables. Minibar system Input 1 = the presence sensor can tell whether there is an item missing or not Input 2 = there is another sensor to see if the minibar is working Process 1= presence ...read more.


Assume 3 GB required for 1 hour of film. 3 GB = 8 x 3 x 109 bits. 1 hour = 36 x 102 seconds Speed of data transfer required = 8 x 3 x 109 bits divided by 36 x 102 seconds Approx speed indicated = 7 Mbit/s In real life, typical video transfer speed is 3.6 Mbit/s Input = the guest selects a film Process = Film is streamed to TV Output1 = Film is viewed Output 2 = Billing instructions are sent to server Storage = RAM memory because it is the fastest memory but when the power is switched off the memory is erased. Network = Rooms are in two groups of 25. The equipment in each room is connected to a fast switch so that the memory can be transferred as quickly as possible Switch is connected to equipment on the ground floor. Cabling from TV to the switch is copper. Cabling from switch to ground floor is fibre optic because it is fast and wires close together do not interfere with each other. ...read more.

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