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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2886

I will design a new video database for the video shop that will also display information about the staff that will be serving the customers. Each of the forms on the database need to have the option to be printed

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Feasibility Study Report Introduction To complete this assignment I must analyse a database that is used by an organisation and design a database that improves on the original to make the system even more efficient. The designs that I create must be detailed enough so that a third party would be able to implement them onto the existing system. The database that I choose to analyse for this assignment should include three related entities that will allow me to produce evidence of data modelling by creating an entity relationship diagram. Any improvements that I make to the system will be documented so that I can compare it to the original system later on. My End User For this assignment I have chosen Video Shop as the organisation I will analyse the manual database of. It is the main video shop for the whole area, which means that it is often busy. The shop has its own preview room that is located in the same building. This is very helpful as customers can watch previews without having to go somewhere else just to watch a preview. As customer records are confidential I won't actually be able to examine the data itself, however the system is a manual database and I will be able to see the invoice and rental forms which will give me a rough outline of what the database should look like. I will design a new video database for the video shop that will also display information about the staff that will be serving the customers. Each of the forms on the database need to have the option to be printed so that the customer can have a copy of what he/she has rented. ...read more.


These are most important improvements, as they are the main required features of the system. The new computer system will have: * Windows XP * Norton Internet Security Suite 2005 * Pentium 4 1.8 GHz * 256Mb SD Ram * 20 Gb Hard Disk Drive * CD-Rewriter * Floppy Drive * Secure ID + Key It will have Windows XP on with service pack 2 on which prevents hackers, viruses and Trojans from entering you pc causing data to corrupt this also has a windows update which updates any new add-ons for windows and drives. I have chosen to install Norton internet security suite 2005 since the staff will be using the internet to see movie rentals prices and when certain movies are coming out, and also the database will need protection against hackers trying to take personal information of customers. The CD-Rewriter will come in use to make backup copies of the database just in case a virus damages all the details, regular data will be save and copied to CD. All backups will be stored in a safe or vault. Secure ID will be used so all the data on the hard drive will be encrypted only staff will have the secure ID keys to access the hard drive, without the Encrypted keys you cannot access the computer. All the staff will need to leave keys in the vault for safe keeping of the data. Floppy drive will be used to create backups as well as a backup of windows. Speed of the computer is necessary to serve customer as quick as possible, and to gain access to the main computer server. ...read more.


I have to rely on second hand information that I gathered through questionnaires and interviews. From this data and the user requirements I was given I will have to try and create a system specification for the new database. As the surgery already owns a computer that will be able to run the database that I design, they only have to spend a small amount of money on the program required to make and run it (Microsoft Access) and the cost of implementation. This means that I have stayed well under their budget of �5,000. The time taken to create and set up the database will be the most expensive part of the whole process. If there aren't any experienced IT staff in the health centre then it could be an option to use a third party to implement the database onto the computer and enter the data. The problem with this however is that it can cost a lot of money. Even though this can be expensive, it still shouldn't take the costs over the budget and it may be the only choice for implementation. The hardest part of changing onto a new system is moving the data onto it. This is probably going to be the most time consuming part of the job. A risk of moving the data is that some of it could be lost along the way or if the new system fails then all the data is lost. To help to counter the old system should be kept active until the new one has been fully tested to make sure it doesn't have any faults. When the new one is fully operational the old one can be deactivated, but it should still be left on the computer in case the new system fails. Toqeer Hanif Bolton 6th Form College Centre:32115 Candidate:2223 ...read more.

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