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ICT A02b Validation and Verification

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Validation and Verification! Validation: When you are entering data into a database, it is important that the data is as accurate as possible. Validation techniques can be used to try to reduce the number of errors in the data being entered. The validation is performed by the computer at the point when you enter data. It checks the data against the set of validation rules which you set up when developing your new database. Definition: Validation aims to make sure that data is sensible, reasonable and allowable. Validation can help to reduce the number of errors when entering data, it cannot stop them. Types of Validation: Type Check: Sometimes you only want data of a certain type entered into a field. ...read more.


Presence check: There might be an important piece of data that you want to make sure is always stored. For example, a school will always want to know an emergency contact number, a video rental store might always want to know a customer's address, a wedding dress shop might always want a record of the brides wedding date. A presence check makes sure that a vital field cannot be left blank, it must be filled in. Picture or format check: Some things are always entered in the same format. Think about postcode, it always has a letter, letter, number, number, letter and letter e.g. BB1 9PB. There may be the odd occasion where it differs slightly e.g. a Birmingham postcode B19 8WR, but the letters and numbers are still in the same order. ...read more.


If both match, it means the data was entered correctly. Verification: It was mentioned earlier that validation cannot make sure data that you enter is correct, it can only check that it is sensible, reasonable and allowable. However, it is important that the data in your database is as accurate as possible. Verification can be used to help make sure that the data in your database contains as few mistakes as possible. Definition: Verification means to check the data that you have entered against the original source data. It can be done in a number of ways: * Entering the data twice. * Checking the data on the screen against the original paper document. * Printing out a copy of the data and comparing the printout to the original paper document. How to create a validation?: ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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