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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 7197

ICT Access

Extracts from this document...


Part 1 - IDENTIFY Statement of the problem Mr. Hock is the proud owner of a recently configured estate agent. Mr. Hock invested a large quantity of money obtained from both savings and loans to produce a successful business. Mr. Hock is keen to generate a local estate agent that will enable the delivery of a level of personal service unmatched by larger corporate companies to his clients; he maintains a policy of a personal promise to provide a quality service enabling a stress free move. He employs a mature specially selected local team offering a combined experience of over 125 years in estate agency therefore viewers can be accompanied by staff if required. His employment also extends to Sales Coordinator a specially trained individual member of staff to do all the work for the customer once the sale is agreed and an exchange of contracts is completed ensuring the sale proceeds smoothly to a successful completion. He incorporates competitive sole and multiple agency commission rates representing excellent value for money. When he bought the company 4 months ago he was aware the previous owners earn't a substantial amount, with high profits. He offers a range of affordable housing, enticing many clients. He wants to encourage a constant supply of reliable clients recommending his services to both friends and family. Often users of the website comment on their experience of the site and he receives e-mails on the online computer located with in the store. He receives personal recommendation which he allows access to by potential clients allowing them to see the ever expanding file of comments from customers very happy with the service that they have received. His team offer valuations considering numerous factors affecting the sale ability of the property and its current market value, however it would be more appropriate if he could inspect a database of properties currently on sale with them to confirm a reasonable price attracting a prospective buyer this would allow him to cross reference against ...read more.


The different devices used to enable the user to view a specific property or customer details table displayed on the system include a monitor which is the main source of allowing you to see, another output device is speakers which allow sound the be heard although on Mr. Hocks system it is not necessary as he is not using sound on his system, as the instructions are self- explanatory and un-aided by sound. Sound is only necessary to add interest and is not vital to control the system. A printer is also required to enable the efficiency of print macros this allows the printing of reports. Mr. Hock recently invested in a HP - Photosmart D7360 a fast high quality photo printer with the introduction of several new features allowing a combination of copying, scanning, faxing and printing. Mr. Hock also frequently uses a projector during his meeting to discuss and display the profits obtained however it is not needed to allow the system to work correctly. Back up and Security Strategy Mr. Hock's system will need to be protected to do this files will be saved on a floppy disc for security reasons; it will not hold a high percentage of capacity on the disc as it an Access database. Mr. Hock will take the disc home with her every night to keep if safe in-case of fire hazards or other dangerous hazards that could jeopardise the information or even loose it. You will also need a password to access the system to she can keep potential hackers out. Mrs Heart is applying a virus protector so when she needs to use the internet she will be protected from pop up emails. The site is also protected from users entering cells in which only Miss Heart can enter therefore resisting information change. To make the Microsoft access secured so no hackers or viruses from the computer can damage or steal the system I am going to make a list of security actions we ...read more.


The Customer Details Form closes. 24 Exit database. Click the Exit button on the Main Menu. Database closes. The breakdown of solution into subtasks on my system: 1. I opened Microsoft Access Application and I began by applying the relevant information with the specified details and the correct data types for example OLE object for the property image. In the field Customer ID and House ID I ensured I incorporated primary keys enabling the depiction of unique data. In the Field name I entered the significant headings to my Estate Agency. This is an individual account of information which relates to the other fields, I then selected the Data type e.g. Autonumber, Text and Date/Time relevant to the opted field. My primary keys are Customer ID and Property ID. 2. I then applied the client and property details within my tables; this consisted of the following customer details [Surname, first name, date of birth, address 1, address 2, town, county, post code, telephone, mobile number, email address and price range]. And the property information includes [Price, location, type, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, garden, extras, facilities, double glazing, central heating and pictures]. 3. I developed the design aspect which enabled me to apply colours, the companies opted colours were neutral pastel colours these allowed a clear separation of the ' ' Estate Agency, against other local agents. I allocated a certain colour scheme throughout to simulate the company's colours, the font will be maintained to avoid confusion. 4. I linked the two above tables together in a 'Viewing table'; some were look up tables, for example house types, these were typed in with the options whereas others required the entry of text to successfully work. 5. The queries were then made for certain aspects of the system. For example bedrooms and type, or customer name. These queries were a range of normal queries or and/or queries where there can be more than one preference. 6. I then made reports for a selection of these queries. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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