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ICt - Accuracy

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IMPORTANCE OF ACCUCRACY IN WORK:- We all input data through the computer. This is called inputting data. Data has to be entered correctly and be accurate because accuracy is a vital tool when presenting a piece of work. The importance of accuracy in your own work is relevant and very important. It shows that your information is correct and reliable. It is also important because work can be double-checked to make sure you have got the specific data you need. . For example: If a nurse entered the inaccurate blood type and it involve a serious matter (e.g. cancer or diabetes) and the inaccurate information was given to a patient they will be told they have an illness which they don't really have. ...read more.


Another example is: to type a child's date of birth inaccurately so they may be given a medicine not appropriate to their age. This could give them serious side-effects or health problems. A validation check is to demonstrate the truth of data entered into the computer by using data accuracy checks. Validation checking is carried out by software to make sure that data is sensible and will not cause problems when it is processed. Digital checks are used widely to validate numeric data with numbers. Meaning single digits calculated from other digits and attached to the end of data when it's stored. A verification check makes sure that data has been entered or copied from another place, has been transferred correctly. ...read more.


I have used the delete buttons and proof-reading whilst typing on Microsoft Word to validate and verify my work. The main check I have used is the spelling and grammar check to correct errors. I have also used validation rules in Data Type on Microsoft access when I created a database. I have used several type of data types one of them are Text which allows the user to type text, numbers (alpha-numeric) and postcodes. Another one is Number where you can type Date of Birth, date, ID, age and telephone. Finally date/time allows you to type date and date of birth. I have verified my data on Microsoft access by proof-reading it. VERIFICATION CHECK A verification check makes sure that data has been entered or copied from another medium, has been transferred correctly. ...read more.

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