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ICT- Analysis

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Analysis The hardware that I will use for the project will be as follows; Hardware Device To be used for... Type of device Why being used? Mouse Scrolling and navigating the screen. Clicking buttons. Wireless So that I can move around and manipulate the screen. Monitor Viewing the information Flat screen So that the users can see what they are meant to be looking at USB sticks/CD Store the information so that it wont be lost External Memory So that the data wont be lost or stolen. The computer I have chosen is the Dell Small Business Dimension 8300. The computer has Windows XP Professional, an Intel Pentium Processor 4, and 250 GB of memory. This computer is perfect for the job it is fast and reliable. Everyone will be able to use it, as the package is easy to us. The computer also comes with a 19" monitor; this will be useful, as it will help display the information clearly. ...read more.


They take you to a designated screen once that word or picture is pressed. Hot Spots These are similar to hyperlinks but once scrolled over with the mouse you will automatically be taken to screen without the need to click. Animations This enables the words/pictures to move around the screen to help make the screen come to life. Key Features As you can see from the table above there are a lot of great features we can use in the slideshow. These would be very easy to use and most people using the system would be able to use them. I can use animations and hyperlinks to display and navigate the data easily and anyone will be able to use the slideshow without any problems. This is why I have chosen to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create the perfect slideshow for Mr. Smith. Data collection and input The moped information will be collected from various different websites that hold this information such as the moped home page. ...read more.


until there is no space left on it, then we could consider getting a USB stick that holds around 8 MB. These solutions together should not cost in excess of �10. If we want to be more technologically advanced then we could get hold of Norton Go-back, which is a program that allows you to restore a previous start-up if the computer, lets say, doesn't work because a virus entered it. In this way you do not lose the information held on the computer and the computer could still be used but is being rebooted from a previous date. I could give a copy of the backup to the major so that he also has a record on how things are getting on. Security There will be virus protection software installed onto the computer so that if a virus makes it onto the computer it will be found and deleted, without causing any damage. There will also be usernames and passwords on the computer so that only people that Mr Smith wants to log on can. Data Flow Harry SCOLA ...read more.

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