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ICT and airport and supermarket

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ICT and Airport ICT equipment is used in every aspect of airport management. Every day ICT systems are used to ensure that thousands of passengers get on the right planes and that their luggage goes with them. There are four main areas where ICT is used the most: 1. The terminal Building 2. Commercial systems 3. Airport information systems 4. Flight planning and control We are going to look at every area in detail below: 1. The terminal building This is the area of the airport where passengers pass through everyday. Every transaction of flights are done by passengers need to be processed by ICT equipment. o Flight booking systems - passengers can book lights at a travel agent over the internet or at the airport desk. ICT systems allow people and travel agent to view that which flights are available and are there any seats available. Overbooking is rarely done by the machines used. ICT system also includes other tools, such as mailing information, tickets to passengers. Loyalty system where regular flyers get points that they can save for free flights and gifts. ...read more.


2. Commercial systems Airline companies pay to use the airport. The rate the airport charges for different facilities are calculated by ICT commercial systems. The computer programs used by commercial systems can calculate these chargers for each airline quickly and accurately. 3. Airport information systems The ICT systems used in an airport need accurate data to perform accurate calculations. The main sources are: o Flight information display system (FIDS) o Flight strip recorder o Handling agents All this above has to be accurate and correct so that the staff and the passenger can get the right information. 4. Flight planning and control Air traffic control is one of the most crucial aspects of an airports operation. The volume of air traffic increases each year and air traffic controllers rely on ICT to keep track of all the aircraft in the airspace above an airport as well on the ground. Computers alert the controller if a risky or inappropriate command is given. They also monitor aircraft, giving warning immediately if the aircrafts activity is outside their guidelines. ...read more.


If the prices changes the staff just change the label which are placed on the shelves. * Customer payment - EFTPOS (Electronic fund transfer at point of sale) allows the money transferred direct from the customer's bank account into the store's bank account. Each transaction done is checked by the bank. If the customer does not have enough many in the bank, the bank does not allow the purchase. These are some ways that EPOS has helped the staff and even the customer to make their life easier and better. ICT has contributed a lot in a daily transaction at the supermarket and EPOS is just one of them. Customer service With a large number of customers, stores need to use ICT in it customer service department. Most people contact customer service by telephone. Interactive voice response (IVR) filters out calls that can be handled without an operator. Automatic call distribution (ACD) system routes other calls to available operators to reduce caller waiting times. Even in supermarket like Airport there is a call forecasting being made in which it shows that at what time or day there will be more calls which will vary with the operators needed. ...read more.

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