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Ict and an Adult in Education

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In this piece of coursework I will be talking about Mr Williams and how he uses I.C.T. Mr Williams is a teacher at my school, he teaches ICT and Business Studies at KS3, ICT at KS4, Form Tutor, Production, Collection and Collation of Reports for the whole of my school. He produces information on students and for staff to help in teaching and learning, he also produces statistics for staff, senior staff, LEA and DFES. He also produces information to do with effort grades ad target setting information. So he uses a lot of technology, this includes; * PC's on a Network * Apple Mac's on a Network * Internet via 10MB broadband * E-mail * Laptop also on Network * Digital Video Camera * Digital Still Camera * Digital LCD Projector * Palm m515 PDA * Wireless Notebooks Window/MAC OS * USB Memory sticks * Data Logging Hardware * Control hardware/software * Fax * Also available - Interactive Whiteboard Mr Williams is a teacher of I.C.T and business studies at Key Stage 3, teacher of I.C.T at Key Stage 4, Production, collection and collation of Reports for the whole school, effort grades and target setting information he produces also. ...read more.


USB Stick Mr Williams has introduced the use of USB stick technology which enables transport of large amounts of data in a compact secure form (32 or 128 Mb at present). Data Logging and Control Hardware Mr Williams uses Data Logging and Control hardware in teaching and provides INSET days for ICT and Science staff, these days are needed to improve the quality of teach Wireless Mr Williams uses the wireless (55Mb) notebooks with students in school and with adult learners to allow them to experience new technology. The advantages are obvious, a lot more space recommended for each machine, extra infra form is required, (Wireless access points can be plugged into network sockets, for easy movement), students can also work in groups in a more adjustable way. The School Network The School Network System enables Mr Williams to access information on students or necessary by students or staff anywhere in the school. Software He uses a lot of software such as Microsoft Word Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher, DataPower 2, Macromedia dreamweaver, Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Pupil Achievement Tracker (PAT), IMovie, Microsoft Movie Maker 2, QuickTime Pro, Microsoft Visual Basic, Internet Explorer, EasyMail and Outlook Express. ...read more.


Power Point is also used by Mr Williams to create presentations for students. Having this programme allows students how to create different fun pieces or work. E-Mail Mr Williams uses E-mail for school and his social life he uses this so he can send work to and from home, also he can sends work to students via e-mail, with suggestions on how to improve their work. He also uses this to communicate with his family and friends to arrange events in his social life. He likes e-mail because he knows that when he sent an e-mail, it will be viewed by the person he has sent it to, when they open their inbox. This therefore means he can communicate. This means he can communicate with anyone when he is on his computer and isn't near a phone. Doing this means he doesn't have to wait until the person turns on their phone or leaves a message or is at home. Mr Williams feels that when he leaves a message on a phone, he doesn't feel he can communicate properly. He knows that if he sends an e-mail, all of the necessary information will be displayed once read. Network System Mr Williams is able to access information anywhere in the school. This means that he can complete his work anywhere and any time, when he has spare time. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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