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ICT and an Adult in Employment

Free essay example:

Who is this person?

Mr. Andrews

What is his job

It teacher & Data manager

What does this job mean he has to do:  

 Data manager is to bring together information and Send information to examiners and the local authority. Being a teacher means to produce lessons to teach the students using pictures and videos. He will also have to mark the students work and give them effort grades. And to teach yr 10 and 11 GCSE a level.

List of technologies

Interactive white board – To help the pupils see what he is doing. It can also allow students far back to see. This piece of technology gets the students involved by being an interactive white board, which means the students are able to use the pen and touch the board.

Word – This can be used to create letters for the school & letters to be sent home to parents. It can also be used to present school work.

Laptop Hp8710w – This can be used for the E- mail service to send notes or work to the other teachers or students. The laptop can also be used to access the internet to gather information.

Blue ray DVD – This is used to entertain Mr. Andrews. This has a good quality sound and graphics. This machine makes things look real as if you are actually at the shooting of the film.

Bluetooth wireless mobile – Bluetooth can help to send different music, pictures or videos to other mobiles.

Samsung u600 – Able to contact friends or family.

Fujitsu siemens PDA (electronic diary) – This can be used to organize events such as school meetings or school trips.

Hp + brother laser printer – Used to print out work for students and school letters.

Digital video camera – This can be used to take videos of appropriate things needed for the lesson

Pantax optio s6 digital camera – This can take photos for the school to use in the letters or for school work.

USB memory stick – This can be used to move work around the school to different teachers or students.

Technology Mr. Andrews uses at Work

Dell latitude D810 laptop

Microsoft word, Excel, Access

RM connect 3 network  

Pantax optio s6 digital camera

Digital video camera

Asus Eee Pc 701

HP + Brothers laser printer  


Interactive white board  

What are his needs work

 Mr. Andrews needs to be able to transport information around the school. To teachers or other students

 He needs to be able to collect information.

 He needs to be able to produce a lesson that is fun and students will not be distracted or focused on anything else.

Needs to be able to mark work and give effort grades.

How does the technology help to meet his needs at Work?

The laptop can be used to finish work while walking around due to being wireless. This is a good thing as he does not have to stay in one place to do his work or use wires to connect to the printers. This also means that Mr. Andrews doesn’t need to carry a note book around with him instead he can type it up onto a computer and save it into his files.

Microsoft word can be used to create letters for the school and make letters to parents with effort grades or send letters to staff

Microsoft Excel is used to create graphs for effort grades and graphs for scores.

RM connect 3 network is used to store information and work so that other students or staff can view it.

PDA meets his needs by having games for him to play when he is bored he can also use it to store information while walking around the school so that he does not forget. It has a diary and alarm function so that he is never late for work or a meeting.

Interactive white board is used to produce work large enough for students who are far away from the board. The board also meets his needs by being able to used the white boards pen

to write stuff on the board so the students can see what he is doing. This can also get the pupils to take part in the lesson by using the interactive pen to answer the questions.

HP + brothers laser printer is used to print of work and to print off the letters created by Microsoft.

Memory stick – Mr Andrews can transport information easily around the school. It also makes the data on it as secure as possible as he is the only person that knows the log in password.

Technology Mr. Andrews uses Personally

Microsoft Excel – Used to create graphs for finances or to write out effort grades

Microsoft Access – To store information on his friends and family

Microsoft PowerPoint – This can be used to make slides of his photos of his family and friends

Microsoft Publisher – This is used to create leaflets or posters for home use

Coral Xara – This is used to draw things using the computers mouse on the screen

Samsung D900i – This is used to call friends & family

Digital Free view adaptor – This can be used to take to any room in the house so that Mr. Andrews can watch what he likes on any TV. This means that he does not need to watch what his wife is watching.

PC – Mr. Andrews uses this to send e-mails and to use the internet

Virgin media box – Mr. Andrews can watch the sport on this or anything he likes.

DVD player – Used to play DVD’s  

Game console – Used for entertainment to play games and to socialize with family or friends.

Sony digital camera – The camera is used to take pictures of friends and family.

Laser jet 2100 – This is used to print out the photo graphs

Epson Dx8450 ( scanner) – This could be used to scan any photos onto the computer

Orange live box (internet) – This is used to search the web for information he may need but it is wireless.

What are his needs Personally?

 Able to connect to friends or family

 Print out pictures or watch videos

 Be able to watch the television anywhere in the house

 To be able to use the internet when and where he likes.

 Use the different software to check any mistakes on his work.

Use the video camera to record any event(s).

How does the technology help to meet his needs Personally

 The technologies used personally meet his needs by being able to call friends and family at any time in the day or night. He could also print off the pictures of his family on holiday or on a day trip and edit them on a computer. He could also print off the pictures instead of getting them developed from a shop. His game console is used for entertainment and to pass the time away and to spend time with family and friends. He can also do this with his DVD player when there is nothing on the television worth watching this entertains him when he is bored. The internet means that he can order his shopping or book his holidays. This is good for him as he is a very busy person and would have no time to go to the shop and purchase items himself.

Technology Mr. Andrews uses Socially

Mobile phone



Digital camera

EDM (Electronic digital Measurement)

Lynx photo finishing equipment

Microsoft outlook – This piece of equipment can be used to send e-mails to friends or family to arrange special events.

What are his needs Socially? Mr Andrews uses these technologies

Able to go to different places

Contact friends / family

Able to organize special events

To use his video camera to record events.

How does the technology help to meet his needs Socially?

Mobile phone – This will allow Mr Andrews to phone friends or family when on family trips or out around the town.

Pc – The pc can be used to use the e-mail service. He can connect the video camera to the pc to edit his photos by adding clipart or even cut some of the video off. On the pc Mr Andrews can use the internet to play games or use the chatting websites like MSN and bebo.

Sat-Nav – This piece of technology is used to help Mr Andrews get to different places that he may not now the directions to.

Digital camera – used to take pictures of friends or family either when away or just round a friend’s house. When the pictures have been taken he can print them off from his pc, He could also edit them if he wishes.

Microsoft outlook – This piece of equipment can be used to send e-mails to friends or family to arrange special events.  

How well do YOU think his use of ICT helps to meet his needs?

I think that Mr Andrews’s technologies at work are met well because he uses his laptop around the school due to it being wireless. He can also take notes quickly and send e-mails to his work mates. This helps to meet his needs because it means that he doesn’t have to stay in one place at once. I also think that he uses the technologies well because it is part of his school life. His laptop 8710W can also connect to the interactive whiteboard which is useful for helping students see the work more clearly and get the students more involved with the lesson. On his laptop he has PDA which he can play games on during his break/lunch or to use for entertainment.

The technologies used personally I think are used very well because he can use his digital free view adaptor to watch what he likes on any TV in the house or even his computer. This means that he doesn’t have to watch his wives soaps.

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