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ICT and Legislation

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ICT and Legislation New laws have been made to deal with issues and problems that have come about with using ICT. These issues include: * Misuse of personal information * Health and safety * Computer Viruses * Intrusion * Fraud Without these laws these problems would be more of a major issue than they already are. These laws were made to protect people from such things as fraud where people can get access to your personal details e.g. credit card details and they can buy things off your credit card. Data protection act (1998) As computers became more advanced, cheaper and more readily available companies started using them to store data which was more efficient and more convenient, but problems arose with this new way of storing data such as: * Information could be copied or changed or seen by the wrong people * Inaccurate * Kept without permission Companies now have to ensure that all data they have is kept under certain conditions: * All information is up to date * Kept for only a relevant amount of ...read more.


Computer misuse act (1990) As the use of the internet and local Area Networks (LAN) have become more wide spread it has become more easily available for people to access information that is not theirs and it is easier for people to make and send viruses to deliberately damage files and data also it is now easy for people to hack into other peoples computers to access personal information. The computer misuse act protects people from things such as this to try and eliminate things like software piracy and fraud. Internet Code of Practice (ICOP) As the internet is not owned by anyone certain guidelines are difficult to enforce but these guidelines to try to make sure that: * Any offensive material should have a warning * Personal details can not be given out * Advertising should be truthful * Links to other sites should be checked ISP's must enforces these rules with there subscribers but this can be difficult to control as ISP don't check every site that their subscribers go on so people such as home uses can disregard any of the rules and do there own thing on the internet. ...read more.


Christopher Reeves web site had to follow the internet code of practise to protect people from offensive material and so there details were not given out. The data protection act keeps peoples information safe when they donate money but it could not protect from hackers potentially accessing information about donators so the donation part of the site is secured and a little padlock appears in the status bar at the bottom right of the screen to show this. This means that any information sent between the donator and the charity is encrypted using a 32 bit encryption so any hackers can to get hold of any information. Health and Safety act protect my grandma form any injuries at work and if she is injured she can sue the company and get compensation. The law ensures that all employers issue employees with appropriate equipment for my grandma this includes comfortable chairs with adjustable height, wrist pads, screen filter and optician appointment. ?? ?? ?? ?? Zo� Wood Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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