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ICT and an adult in employment Microsoft office Access How my father uses it At work my father will use Microsoft access for many reasons. He may use it for registers to make sure everyone has turned up for work and to contact people if they are away so he can have profiles on each person in the company e.g. Date of birth, illnesses telephone number and email address. He could also use it to find out how much money the company is making by having all the suppliers listed so he can compare how much the company is spending to how much it is making. ...read more.


It had a database that you can search and record things on it. You can also query to find specific things faster. It is made from rows and columns that you can create categories and rules for which makes a table which makes it easy to compare data in a big chunk. Advantages An advantage of Microsoft access compared to Paradox (an alternatative to access) is that it very easy to use whilst Paradox is not. You can easily work out how to use it without having to read instructions. The next advantage is that you can 'Query' things to find out something specific in a database. ...read more.


Evaluation My dad uses Access for many things at work from working out pay to how much he has spent himself. He uses it to deal with other companies when he needs to work out how much of something he needs to buy and how much it will cost, The 'Query' button makes this easier because he can quickly check how much of something he has or needs. It also allows you to share information by putting a database on the internet so other people can see it and find out about his company. My dad and his company all use Microsoft Office Access 2007 because it saves a lot of time and money and it is very efficient and useful. ?? ?? ?? ?? Marcus Wright ...read more.

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