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16th July ICT & Me. This Is the Technology Stuff I use: * Computer/Laptop * Mobile Phone * Hair Straightners * Television My Computer/Laptop. I use the computer at home and in school. I use the computer at school for ICT, Travel and Tourism, Maths, And Many Other Lessons. We Have Access to the Internet which helps us find out information for work. Also at School we use the Microsoft programmes such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft excel. We learn all different techniques and new Programmes Such as macromedia Dreamweaver where we can create websites. At Home However I use my laptop for Other Programmes Such as Msn, Bebo, Limewire, And Many Others. I Sometimes Use My laptop for Homework. ...read more.


It has a camera and 1GB Memory card. It also does 3G and Holds a lot of songs. It completes my needs and I wouldn't change anything. Hair Straightners. I have ghd straighteners and they are a well known brand. I use them everyday to straighten my fringe and sometimes the back. When I have my hair down I straighten it all. It doesn't have a temperature gage but my straightners goes up to 210 degrees. GHDs are usually the ceramic straightener most highly recommended by our stylists. They stand for Good Hair Days and every time they are used that's exactly what they achieve, This versatile styling tool can be used to straighten, curl and flick hair creating movement and smoothness in any hair style. ...read more.


Most shops Have these and are very popular. My Television. I like my television in my bedroom because I can lay in bed and watch it and when mates come round we can watch it on our own. It is about 40" wide and suits my needs. It has a DVD and video player underneath which are separately plugged into the scart lead and wall. I use my television everyday and my family do to. It satisfies my needs and I like my TV very much. If I had more money I would like a bigger television and I would not change anything on my television I have now. The Other Television In My Front Room Is About 42" Wide. We Use this as The Main TV, Because It is Greater Then The Others In size and Has a better Picture. It also has sky which has many channels. ...read more.

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