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The impact of ICT on an adult in employment Mobile phone My father My dad works for a computer gaming company called Code masters. He is a computer programmer that writes the instructions to make characters move around on the screen. He has been working in the industry for around 30 years but has been working for his current company for a year. He has been educated as a doctor although he isn't a doctor any more. How it works Mobile phones (also called a wireless phone or cellular phone) are used world wide by people of all ages to talk or text. Mobile phones are more expensive than most other types of communication. You can ether use pay as you go where you have to get top-ups or you can get it monthly where your texts and calls are free apart from one monthly charge. Mobile phones send and receive radio signals with any number of cell site base stations fitted with microwave antennas which are usually ...read more.


He uses it to text, take pictures, play games and use a notepad or calendar on his phone. He could also send/receive emails when he is not near a computer to contact people rather than having to text. Advantages The advantages to having a mobile phone are that you can communicate with suppliers, family or your colleges. If you have not got use of a landline a mobile phone is a good alternative if you are stuck some where e.g. your car. Another advantage is that my dad can take interesting pictures or write work related information on his phone notepad to use at work. It is easy to carry around with him at work, you could not do this with a landline. Texts are around 10p each and calls are around 15p per minute so it is very cheap to contact people. Disadvantages A disadvantage to having a mobile phone at work is that the battery may run down and leave you with no form of contact. ...read more.


Mobile phones can now be used to access the internet to find out information and to look at your email when you do not have a computer to use. My dad uses his phone mainly to phone home when he is going to be late from work or to phone work to say if he has broken down and will not be on time. He also uses it on holiday to use the internet and catch up on the news and his emails. The mobile phone is not always useful because sometimes the battery runs down and you can be left with no form of contact. They also can ring unexpectedly and disrupt meetings, films and holidays. As well as this it will sometimes lose signal and you will have to go out side to phone someone clearly. Mobiles are getting smaller and smaller which makes them more portable so you can take them anywhere. This can also be a problem because they are easy to lose and are very easy to get stolen. ?? ?? ?? ?? Marcus Wright 10R ...read more.

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