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ICT and people with special needs

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ICT and people with 'Special Needs'. What are special needs? People with special needs can be defined in many different ways. Normally 'special need' people are disabled people with disabilities. These disabilities can be tiny problems that can't be seen by others but are there, and other problems that people are more aware of and are obviously there and you can see them from just looking. After some developments in ICT, certain hardware and software has been invented to help people with special needs get on with normal life. In the past people that have had special needs or disabilities haven't had the amazing equipment that is available now to help them with their day to day lives but luckily now they can be thankful for such inventions. Sensory Needs The most common and noticeable special needs are sensory impairments, for example blind or partially sighted people. These are people who can't, or find it hard to see, but there are things that can be given to them to make their life easier, like a talking computer. ...read more.


This can help people with no arms type quicker or find it easier to type. Learning Difficulties Another type of special needs can be defied by saying they have learning difficulties. This means that these people "find it harder" to learn than normal people and it takes them longer to digest information. People with hearing disabilities can use a program called "Multimedia". This makes use of more than one sense to help reinforce learning. Overlay keyboards can help people with hand/eye coordination problems select a certain key easier. People with dyslexia can use spell-check software to find the right words, this helps them with their spelling techniques, and people without dyslexia also find this program helpful. Touch screens eliminate the fact that the person has to use a mouse to select icons on the computer screen. A similar program to spell-check is predictive word processors who can tell what the end of the word is going to be before you type it. ...read more.


Sometimes when older people become old they loose the ability to move around as much so learning new skills on a computer can make them feel as if they have achieved something. They can use chat rooms to find others in the same position as them. Furthermore the elderly can use the internet to trace their old relatives and look back at their family trees. If they also want to learn new information about certain subjects they can do that also and further their education, plus if they have serious problems or illnesses they can learn about them and learn how to cope with them. Conclusion So overall, special needs can be catered for thanks to a lot of ICT devices. Hardware is the most useful although software can help disabled people lead normal lives as well. They can install the devices in their own homes so that they can get on with their lives and their problems can be made less impeding. ?? ?? ?? ?? Taya Dufall 11CR ...read more.

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