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ICT and society portfolio section 3A

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ICT and society portfolio section 3A Introduction: I use a lot of technology in everyday life such as when I'm at home or in school; I also use technology to enjoy my personal and social life. In this portfolio I am going to discuss this all of this technology. In the table below I have made a list of all the different technology that I use. Table one Technology available Personal life Social life School Home Microsoft word N N Y N Microsoft Excel N N Y N Microsoft Access N N Y N Microsoft PowerPoint N N Y N Microsoft Publisher N N Y N Inter net Y Y Y Y Mobile Phone Y Y N Y Playstation Y N N Y MP3 Players Y N N Y Laptops Y N N Y DVD Players Y N N Y Memory Sticks Y N Y Y Email Y Y Y Y Microsoft word Microsoft Word is a word processor program from Microsoft. ...read more.


The only bad point about spell check is that it doesn't recognise every word and that sometimes it uses the American spelling of words. Other god points include the fact that if you are doing something such as an essay or coursework which requires a lot of writing because you can easily change your words if you make a mistake whereas if you were writing it out by hand then you would have to rewrite everything from the beginning. Microsoft Excel Excel 2003 enables you to turn data into information with powerful tools to analyze, communicate, and share results. Excel 2003 can help you work better in teams, and help protect and control access to your work. In addition, you can work with industry-standard Extensible Mark-up Language (NML) data to make it easier to connect to business processes. ...read more.


Relatively unskilled programmers and non-programmer "power users" can use it to build simple applications without having to deal with features they don't understand. Microsoft Access was also the name of a communications program from Microsoft, meant to compete with ProComm and other programs. This Microsoft Access proved a failure and was dropped. Years later Microsoft reused the name for its database software. Microsoft access is normally used in areas such as hospitals in order to keep a record of all the patients. Another area where databases are used is in buissness' in order to keep track of financial staus and contacts. Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft publisher Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing application from Microsoft. This program helps you easily create, customize, and publish materials such as newsletters, brochures, flyers, catalogs, and Web sites. It is very neat and tidy and improves presentation. People who work in the advertising industry might find publisher very useful because it is very quick and easy to use. ...read more.

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