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Introduction The main task that I have been given is to advertise a travel agency called Satia tours to the public. I will advertise by creating an attractive and eye catching website so that I can get the maximum amount of customers. Firstly I have to design a logo which will represent the company and then I have to paste the logo onto Microsoft Publisher in which I will be making my website. After that I will collect information about the travel agency i.e., when the company was established, what they provide etc. Thirdly I will finish the website by adding hyperlinks, information and pictures to it. Then I will make a report of how I created my website so that other people can take help from it To accomplish this main task I will break it into five smaller tasks. These tasks are: 1. Collecting information about the travel agency. 2. Creating a logo 3. Writing reports and adding hyperlinks 4. Creating the webpage 5. Advertising the travel agency Collecting information about the travel agency I can do this task by searching for information on the Internet with various sites and then I would copy the information to my computer and save it. I will not do this because the information can be biased as the author of the website is most likely to be unknown. I can also do this task by asking the agency's customers about the agency; I will ask a couple of people information about the company as all the information might not be known to one person. The reason why I won't use this method is because people are likely to have different and possibly biased views about the company. The method that I will use to collect the information is to ask the company directly. I will ask them all the questions to get the information that I need. ...read more.


The other reason is that if I were to advertise with a local TV station then it would mean that my advert will reach very few people and to do advertise nationally or internationally would cost too much money. Radio: I can advertise on radios by buying adverts from the radio stations. They usually give 30 or 60 seconds time for advertising. I will make sure that the advert is simple and gives a reasonable amount of information to the listeners. Advantages Disadvantages Many people listen to it especially if they are going to work or coming back from work which means that there is a possibility of more customers. Less people listen to radio than watch TV because it is less entertaining which means that the advert would reach less people. It is very cheap to advertise on radios compared to advertising on TV. It can cost nearly half as much as a TV advertisement. A radio does not give a clear and a realistic image like a TV does. Many people are likely to get bored of listening to adverts. If you say the advert yourself than the listeners would feel that they know you. Many people tend to buy form people that they know and if they hear your voice then they would feel like buying from you. The amount of information that can be expressed is very limited compared to a website in which you can write as many things as you want. I will not advertise on radio because it can get expensive if the advert was to be broadcasted at morning times, when people are going to school or work and are very likely to listen to it. The other reason is that it has limited information and creates a less realistic image to the listener. This will have half the impact that a TV advert would have on a viewer. ...read more.


The website will not be known to everyone. Other types of advertising would still have to be used a few times e.g. TV, radios, newspapers to first advertise the website and the company. The website can be viewed by anyone from any corner of the world. This means that there is a possibility that there would be more customers for the company. To publish the website, access is needed to the website and also many people might not want to surf the internet because they spend more time on TV. It is much cheaper than advertising with any other type of advertising method e.g. radio, TV etc. A service provider would be needed for publishing the website on the web which can cost money. I will use this task because it is the cheapest which means that it is good for the company as it is a new one and it might be encountering financial problems. The other reason is that a lot of information can be added to the website which is very useful for a new agency because the customers need to know exactly what the company gives and how long for, what it specializes in etc. Ease of use My finished website will be easy for anyone to use because it will be in simple English and also because it will have hyperlinks to all the pages from every page. This will make it easier for website visitors to browse the website. I will also include many pictures which will make sure that visitors to the website will not get bored of browsing the website. For the company it will be easy to edit the website because websites will be created in Microsoft Publisher, with which handling with websites is very easy. The company will just have to open the file and edit whatever they want to edit and then publish the edits onto the web. Description of problem = 1 Plan of solution = 1 Methods = 1 Solution meets requirement = 1 Ease of use = 1 ...read more.

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