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ICT applications - crime prevention methods have been improved by many new technological devices e.g. databases, CCTV, fingerprinting and speed cameras.

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Crime and crime prevention With the economic climate in the state that it's in, unemployment levels are extremely mean people are struggling to afford the exceedingly high cost of living resulting in the increase of crime rates throughout the country. Thanks to this crime prevention methods have been improved by many new technological devices e.g. databases, CCTV, fingerprinting and speed cameras. DNA database The DNA database can help police investigators link individuals to certain crime sense, this can help add to the evidence against a suspect. People leave their finger prints everywhere, therefore this is why the DNA database is one of the most reliable and trust worthy forms of evidence, also this is one of the most commonly used methods throughout the police force. By the use of this technology it has helped many 'cold cases' be resolved, because this technology wasn't available 15 years ago as it's still a relatively new method of gaining evidence. ...read more.


Many smaller businesses would have problems affording a full CCTV set up, to buy a full system with 2 cameras not including insulation would set you back anywhere between £300 and £500. Many people dislike the idea of CCTV cameras watching our every move in town centres and cities; they feel as it's an intrusion to their privacy. According to statistics, the average citizen is caught on CCTV cameras 300 times a day. Since 2002 the use of CCTV has increased and the crime prevention rate been dramatically improved. A report by the House of Commons in July 2010 states 'The use of closed circuit television cameras for the purposes of tackling crime has greatly increased over the last decade'. With the use of around 4.2million CCTV cameras in the UK the number of crimes has been decreased by 16%. The most affected area by the cameras is public car parks, by introducing the cameras crime rates have decreased by 51%. ...read more.


legal speed and then take a photo of your car so they have you registration details to identify the driver at fault. There is one different type of camera call an average speed camera, this works on a different principle, unlike traditional speed cameras it is no use breaking when you see one and then speeding up, as the name suggests they work out the average speed between 2 points. Speed cameras develop and now they can check whether you're insured, whether you're wearing your seat belt, whether you're too close to the car in front. And all of these things are checked thanks to only one picture being taken. The police work is a lot more effective with the use of all the technology, and it is a lot harder to commit a crime without being caught due to the fact you are almost always been watched and leaving your DNA where ever you go. Thanks to all the above technology everyone's lives are a lot safer. ...read more.

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