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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3704

ICT AQA 2006-2008 Problem 2, Theme Park Software

Extracts from this document...


Introduction Page 3 Software Justification Page 4-6 Software Final Choice Page 7 Hand Drawn Plan 1 Page 8-9 Sheet 1 Page 8 Sheet 2 Page 9 Evaluation of Hand Drawn Plan 1 Page 10-11 Sheet 1 Page 10 Sheet 2 Page 11 Hand Drawn Plan 2 Page 12-13 Sheet 1 Page 12 Sheet 2 Page 13 Evaluation of Hand Drawn Plan 2 Page 14-15 Sheet 1 Page 14 Sheet 2 Page 15 Testing Plan Page 16 Implementation Page 17-21 Testing Page 22-26 Table Page 22-23 Screen shots with references and explanations Page 24-28 Evaluation Page 29-30 Texts Page 29 Table Page 30 Main Presentation Page 31-34 Sheet 1 Page 31 Sheet 2 Page 32 Sheet 1 showing formulas Page 33 Sheet 2 showing formulas Page 34 Introduction I again have been given the role of Bernie, however I have been given another problem to find a solution to. I need to create a system for Barry, who is currently responsible for marketing and he wants some help with working out costs for his latest idea of creating DVDs showing the different attractions at the park. There are going to be two different types of publicity packs, one being the standard pack and the other being the ticket agent pack. I will need to create two hand drawn designs before starting to create the actual system. This will help me to use the best and most simple layout while creating the formulas that I will need to use. Consequently I will need to evaluate my designs, and then go to choose the correct software to use, after my choice I can begin to produce the system. Design Section In this section of the tasks (problem 2) I have been asked to produce a system which will explain and work out the details of selling such items as DVDs in packages. There are two different types of packages which I will have to find out the cost of producing. ...read more.


Similarly I will be explaining formulas and formula references and text types/styles. I will also be justifying my choices for font colours, effects such as bold, italic and underline, plus the use of special operation, for instance the references to different sheets (='Sheet 1'! followed by the cell reference.). Layout; on this sheet I am going to show raw calculations while still trying to keep a simple look. I have kept the upper half for the standard pack and the lower half for the ticket agent pack calculations. I will resize the columns so that the text and numeric data fits into the cell. I will want to keep the data clear and allow for the data to be adapted just in case the costs change. Formulas; I will be using more complex formulas in this section as I will need specific cell data from the previous sheet. Also since I have renamed the sheet it self the reference needs to include the new name for the sheet. However despite the multifaceted formulas the way it is laid out means that the final appearance makes it easier to understand. Text; Again like the pervious sheet I want to use a simple font and colours to make it more comfortable to the eye and so it is easier to change data just in case of modification of costs. Evaluation of Hand Drawn Plan 2 Page 1 of 2. As I did in the pervious evaluation of hand drawn design 1 I will have to analyze the content as well as the overall appearance keeping in mind the cell references and formulas which are vital when working out the costs as they have to be extremely accurate. I will also justify all effects put on text and backgrounds. Layout; Rather than splitting the data up into two sections I will just keep all the data on one sheet. ...read more.


Has the cell been formatted correctly? (If yes there is no problem and should come up with correct answers) Round up the number of people paying for the full entry fee I have formatted the cell so the total is rounded. Rather than 31.30 coming up only 31 shows, this proves it is correct. 9 To see if correct results are outputted. The final formula is correct, and all steps have been followed correctly. Must show amount of people needed to cover costs This is also correct as shown in the screenshot. Screenshots These are the screen shots to match the testing grid above. Test No. Screen shots 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 I cannot show a screen shot for this, but by comparing data in the table above with the data given in the booklet, I can prove that the answers are correct and that all procedures have been taken to produce correct answers. 8 The actual answer would be 31.20, but I have rounded it to the nearest whole number, which shows as 31. 9 Evaluation Now that I have finally completed the task in hand I can go through an overview of the stages. My initial task was to create a system for Barry, who is currently responsible for marketing and he wants some help with working out costs for his latest idea of creating DVDs showing the different attractions at the park. The job itself demanded concentration as the formulas needed precise references to get accurate results otherwise consequently the output would be negative. However now that I have completed it all and it all fits in I could have improved and refined a few minor details such as the spacing between the tables and grids. On the next page there is a checklist showing what I did correctly and what needed to be refined, also if it was done correctly. Item Was it done correctly? What could be improved? Must show all costs. YES Validation YES I could have refined the message rather than put in a simple error code for the validation rule. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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