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ICT at home and at school

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The impact of ICT on the way I do things at home and school For this assignment I will explain to you about the effects ICT has on my everyday life. I will take examples of ICT I use, at home and at school, and will explain why and how they help me in my average day. The ICT technologies that I will talk about will be: 1) The computer 2) The Internet 3) E-mail 4) MSN 5) Flash Drive 1) The computer One of the most important things technologies I use is the computer. Its basic units are the monitor, tower unit, the keyboard, the mouse and the speakers. I also have additional units to let me relax more and do things much easier. As well as using my computer at home, I also have to use the computers at school. My computer at school is network. I send my homework from home to school to print out. The disadvantage is that anyone else from school can hack in to my school computer, as they have the same network, or just get my password and delete my essays, change them or corrupt all my files. I always need to remember to keep my password. Software on my computer Microsoft word Microsoft excel Microsoft Access Microsoft PowerPoint Each of these programs in Microsoft Office enables me to do different tasks. Microsoft word Microsoft word is a very useful program which I use for nearly all my essays and coursework's from school, just like I am writing this very essay. I also use word to write letters if ever I need to send one. A little further in the year, we shall be going on work experience and word will aid me in typing up the letter to the different companies and firms. I will not have to worry about handwriting at all and I can correct my self as many times as I want and nobody will know. ...read more.


It would have taken me days to get the necessary information needed from books, but by using the internet, in a matter of seconds I had everything I needed, and more! But there are also a few problems with the internet, the main one being when the internet lags. It is not very common, but when it does lag, it is very annoying. The main reason for this is when there are network problems, or when there are many people on at the same time, like in America, where many people use the internet. A few weeks ago, I had a chemistry test. Instead of taking out a few books, I decided to use the internet. I managed to get many revision websites. By using a few of these websites, instead of taking out books, I managed to save my self a visit to the local library, meaning I had even more time to revise for the test! Also, you can speed up the connection and speed of the internet by upgrading to broadband, which makes the internet much faster. This is good for downloads etc. because a 40 hour download can only take 1 hour to download, if you have broadband! Also, there are hardly any lags, and you can move from page to page really quickly. I also use the internet to play games. The reason I play games is so I can relax a little from the tensions of school. On the internet, there are thousands and thousands of games websites. Within seconds of entering some keywords, I am presented with thousands of different games I can play. Another thing about the games in the internet is that they are free. The only thing I have to pay for is the actual internet itself. If I had bought the games from a shop, they would have cost me a lot of money (a fairly good game is worth around �30!), but because of the internet, I am allowed to play games without paying for them. ...read more.


This is a very good service, as now it is possible to have meetings on MSN! We can also transfer files to each other while chatting online, chat to more than one person at a time, store over 100 contacts, play games with our contacts, create a profile. Every time a new version is released, MSN immediately starts work on an even better version meaning there is usually a newer version of MSN, every 3-4 months! Because of this, the technology and range of features on MSN is rapidly growing. Flash Drives A few months ago, I decided to buy a flash drive so I could take work from my home computer, to the school computers and vice-versa. At the beginning of the year, I didn't have one, and this really made my life harder. If I was behind in coursework, I could not take it home, meaning I only had about 3 hours a week working on it! It wasn't enough time, so I had to spend a few extra hours after school a week working on it. I decided to buy a flash drive as I had a lot of time free on the weekends, and it would benefit me a lot if I could spend that time on my coursework. I bought a 1GB flash drive for �20. Buying the flash drive has really helped my ICT work, as I can now take my course works home and spend a few extra hours a week. I could have used a CD-drive, but the school computers don't have a CD-drive. On top of this, CD's easy to damage, or break, and are also big flat objects. I could have also used a floppy disk. The reason I didn't was because they have a very limited storage capacity, and can easily be damaged. Overall, I think ICT makes life much simpler and easier, both at school and at home. I am sure ICT will carry on getting better and better, making our lives even simpler. ?? ?? ?? ?? Bilal Hussain Page 1 of 6 09/05/2007 Centre number 32105 candidate no. 4090 ...read more.

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