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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4145


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How I use ICT at home and at school ICT plays a big role in the lives of millions of people around the world, as it does to mine. I am certain that personally could not live without the different amazing, technologies I use everyday. The technologies I use are: * Computer * Internet (introduction) * msn messenger * e-mail * mobile phones * mp3 players * digital cameras Computer (Description and use of technology explained) (give a description of your computer, like it is a Pentium 486 first ) (I want to say here technology explained) One of the main uses of ICT is my computer, which consists of both hardware and software. My hardware includes my monitor, base unit etc, whereas my software includes my (wrong this is hardware printer, web cam) ( S/W is the programs like word that enables you to do the things that you are currently doing, creating a document to complete your assignment, there are other programs that you use on the computer like excel. You use this s/w working out in maths or developing graphs or graphical representation images for my geography coursework, showing population control in Cambodia for example) which can be purchased separately. I spend most of my leisure time using the computer, as it is my main source of entertainment. At home I use the computer to type up my school work and coursework and to access homework via email, which is always password protected to ensure that no other student can duplicate my work or corrupt the file. A computer memory goes up by 0, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 MB. This is then followed by a gigabyte. (so what is the memory on your computer then) Software on my computer * Microsoft Word * Microsoft Excel * Microsoft Access * Microsoft PowerPoint (and a few others) ...read more.


A plus factor for the internet is that the information on the internet is being constantly updated. The disadvantage of using a book from the library is that it would not be an updated version. (are you discussing family circle or looking in a telephone book to find relatives ? make clear)Another reason I use the internet is to search for lost family and friends all around the world. It is really quick and searches all the information within seconds. It is very useful and saves me looking through the telephone directory which does not cover worldwide can be time consuming and frustrating, and would cost me money. (good evaluation tackled) (You have not tackled disadvantage advantages) Msn Messenger (Start with an explanation of what is MSN please, how is it used, advantages and disadvantages) At home and outside school, I use Msn Messenger to chat and interact with cousins, friends and family around the world. Have people talk to you from different time zones, and all this for free, if I had to use this facility from my lan line. first thing, I would not be able to do it, as I would need more than one phone for every person I am speaking to around the world, and the cost would be phenomenal)or just simply to make new friends all around the world. This network allows more then two people to take part in a video, voice or a basic typed conversation. It allows you to share images, photographs, videos, music or just documents. It is very relaxing because you can take your time replying and there is no pressure. Whereas there would be in a phone call. It is also very cheap as it is included in your monthly internet charge, whereas using a landline you will be charged per minute. Not only that, conversations on msn messenger are much more private and secretive, e.g. when a chatting about boys or discussing personal topics. What are you trying to say here? ...read more.


Also digital cameras are more advanced than most people would think. They appear in all shapes and sizes, they are now even on most mobile phones. They are popular amongst most house holds in the UK. The picture quality is so super that aged (good description of veracity)people can see images clear as water. All the pictures are stored on a memory card. Memory cards are very small chips. The biggest memory card you can buy is 1 GB and the smallest you can buy is 32mb. The memory card I have got at home is a 512mb this can store up to 500 images. Most places in the world have got a memory card reader which is very convenient to prints the best images out when you (social tackled)need them. This came in very handy when I went on holiday to India last year. I just went in to their local boots store and printed my images out in second's. A few of the local village people were very impressed by this piece of technology that I ended up leaving my digital camera there.(did you give it to the villagers or they were so over whelmed by your technology that you left it behind by mistake, or gave it to them, in which case you would have created chaos. Or you negligent you just forgot it. (concluded) Conclusion This is my personal evolution on what a big part ICT plays in my home and school life. They seem to be the two biggest role players in the world today. The technology seems to be growing rapidly day by day. They also seem to be getting much faster and more advanced then what we could imagine. They are loved by every house hold in the UK and the world which contains these technologies. It not only enhances learning, but makes home life easier to tackle. Businesses would find it hard to operate without any of the features I spoke about. (good conclusion) ?? ?? ?? ?? Sadiyah Randera 1 10/11/2005 Centre number: 32105 Candidate Number: 4184 ...read more.

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