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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3935


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I have been assigned the task of an ICT support section of an up and coming web Development Company that dedicates itself to the incorporation of high-resolution graphics and video on web pages. Nevertheless their designs and solutions are restricted by the lack of decent hardware and software which is quickly becoming outdated in such a fast changing industry. They have reached out to me to resolve their predicament by asking me to put together a written report by researching the following * Computer system * Operating system * Video editing software * Web design software By doing this I have to build and appropriate system which is able to construct more complex websites. OPERATING SYSTEM In the table inserted in the next page is a list of 4 types of operating systems including windows vista premium, window XP professional, Linux and windows vista ultimate. In these next paragraphs before the table I will be comparing the four in slightly less detail than the table and give definitions on what each of the components are and what their functions are. So for the hardware side if things the four OS (operating systems) requirements vary quite a lot as the CPU (central processing unit) on vista premium, which is at 1 GHz, (Gigahertz) is a lot more then that of XP professional which is at 300 MHz (Megahertz). The CPU speed is how fast the computer will operate so if the requirements are 300MHz and the CPU is 1GHz than the computer will be fast acting and shouldn't freeze or crash as long as you aren't trying to conduct to many operations all at one time obviously the bigger the CPU the amount programs you can run at one time will increase. Another requirement for OS is RAM (Random Access Memory) this is quite self explanatory as it is randomly accessed memory and is the most familiar type of memory used in computers. ...read more.


Sony Vegas CPU = 1GHz processor HDD Space = 800 MB Graphics card = Inno 3D 880GTX Monitor Resolution = 1280*1024 RAM = 1Gb Some advantaged for Sony Vegas are as follows: for starters it has a great audio mixing feature, it is user friendly and is easy to understand this is because it gives the user a great deal of control and it isn't just the program doing everything and its video editing package is some what high tech with many features and tools on it. The disadvantage is that in Sony Vegas the video and audio tracks are joined by default however one click on a button eliminates that connection. WEB DESIGN The next table to be inserted on the following page will include a list of four specific Web design package that can be installed on your computer and will create a fully working website and will even publish them to the internet providing you have a suitable web hosting company that will provide you with web space. These Web Design programs all very good but there are to that stand out and from what I've seen have fantastic capabilities that will leave you with a very satisfactory product at the end. Neither of these programs is hard to use and they both give you a lot of help and guidance with your work. They are also both very different from each other for the following reasons: one of them is designed to help you build a company website which has said to be the best package to create a successful business if you're running an online company which so many more people are doing now its like the way of the future, however you can design other websites which don't necessarily have to be company websites. The other one of the two is less specific in what you can create and gives you a very wide range of templates to choose from to help you build although can create one from scratch if it's easier for you. ...read more.


and hardware; I recommend that you would try Windows Vista Ultimate as your operating system for the following reasons: GUI (graphics user interface) is totally new for this operating system which means that its an all new layout and has many more effects and settings, a higher degree of security when surfing the internet and with a high spec computer system like the Dell Precision T7400 in the table above this operating system will run really fast. The second recommendation I would have for you is Adobe Premier Pro CS3 as your video editing software as it has the following features and qualities: You can create some of the most high tech and up to date DVDs including blu-rays and HD videos. Adobe Premier Pro has a very wide selection of editing tools of which you can create many special effects. Once again depending on the computer system depends on the performance of the program. As for the Web design programs I recommend Xsite Pro for the following reasons: Xsite Pro was designed for small companies to make business websites and has been proven to be very effective and profitable it's also space efficient, its system requirements are minimal and is capable of running to an efficient speed on most up to date computer systems so can be run on both of the computer systems in the table on the previous page. Both of the computer systems in the table are both up to date and are capable of running all these programs the bottom system has matched all the minimum system requirements for all the programs and slightly exceeded them for performance however the top system is of high spec and exceeds all the minimum requirements by a huge margin and will be capable of running the programs with ease and quality. I would like to think this report has met the specifications of its purpose and you will find it easy to read, useful and informative. GCSE BTEC UNIT 2 REPORT Page ...read more.

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