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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2475


Extracts from this document...


Coursework (CMS) Background: I am Adel Gazarin an I.C.T business consultant hired by Mr. Amr Gazarin, the manager of a local school canteen called A.G cafe to design and create a sales system which will be used by the canteen staff. A.G cafe's is located in a corner in the schools AstroTurf, the orders are made from a small window where student line up in front of every break time. The cues are usually long as there is one window which many students order from. Problem Definition: The manager of A.G cafe is having a problem with the existing system because they are currently using a manual method to record their sales, this is very time consuming and it also makes calculating profits gained more difficult and many errors are made using this manual method. The canteen has many meals which are regularly produced but are not popular in the market and they also have products which are very popular in the market but the canteen has a shortage in this product such as the chicken parmesan in A.G cafe. The product I will design and produce will not only help my end-user calculate the profit gained throughout the year. The product will also help, record stocks and provide invoices to customers. I am planning to design a "sales system" product. Alternatives: I have three alternatives to create the 'sales system' the first alternative, I could design a spread sheet with macros and ...read more.


-Keyboard -Mouse VAIO PCV Sony Connectivity: Wireless The keyboard and the mouse were used to help me navigate around the computer. The keyboard was particularly essential because it was used to help me type in all the information needed for my sales system. Data sources: Data (Description) Data Type Where Used? Example A picture/logo. JPEG Image All sheets in product. List of A.G caf� products. TEXT (Arial Brown/Size 10) On the sales sheet. A.G club Smoked turkey Cheese burger Hot dog Roast beef Smoked salmon Prices of items in canteen. Numeric data times new roman/size 12 On the sales sheet. EGP 10.00 EGP 9.50 EGP 8.75 EGP 8.25 EGP 11.25 EGP 12.25 Stock. Numeric data. On sales sheet. 50 50 50 50 50 50 Data collection: I am planning to collect all the Data needed for the sales system that will satisfy my End-user through ways such as the internet, I will use the internet to figure out people's views and ideas of cilantro and its products, I will also use it to obtain information needed from My END-USER via email. I will collect all the information needed for the sales system using a data capture form created by my End-User which will contain information such as the names and prices of products and details about A.G caf�'s stocks Data input: The sales system I am creating contains dropdown validation lists which I have created so that I can reduce the risk of error. ...read more.


I inserted conditional formatting in order to identify the user if there is a shortage in stock in a certain product so stock organisation became much simpler. I used the help of validation tom make sure that there are no spelling errors on the receipt in order to raise A.G cafes image. I included complex formulae such as V-lookup to link and identify information from other tables to the receipt. In conclusion I successfully and effectively managed to obtain my objectives to satisfy my End-users needs and have managed to insert all my End-users ideas which I have received in my memos. Improvements Although I have a created a sales system of many fine features, I believe that I could have added some extra features or altered the design slightly to give the overall sales system a more a more professional and sophisticated display such as: * Generate graphs to show increase/decrease in profit * Use more complex formulae * Include my end-user more through the process Use of tools V-lookups I used v-lookups to link the combo boxes and data with the receipt: Macros I used Macros to speed up the process of printing and to link to other data: Dropdown validation lists I used dropdown validation lists to display the A.G caf� products and to reduce the risk of any typing errors and to increase the process of choosing the products needed: Charts I used charts to display the weekly profit gained from a certain area of sale: ?? ?? ?? ?? Adel Gazarin Y10B ...read more.

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