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ICT controls everything that goes on in the major Marks and Spencer's stores.

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Sunday 2nd November 2003 Marks and Spencer's video -Retailing in local stores We had a lesson in ICT class on watching a video on Mark's and Spencer's who showed us on the way there retailing works in their local stores around the country (England). The way ICT is used. ICT controls everything that goes on in the major Marks and Spencer's stores. As one lady in the video tells us about how many things where manual (human working) in the store round 50 years ago. And how many people have lost their jobs by computers replacing them. This shows us how much progress the store has made in only a short about of time. As we carried on watching the video many people who worked in the company were showing us the first thing on how they use ICT. This was having barcodes on every product that was brought in to be sold. The barcodes that were placed on the side of the products were for * The specific numbers to show were they would be placed * When they were bought in and the out of use date and time. ...read more.


they are capable of ordering from the home. Every Marks and Spencer's shop have each hand held terminals, which we are given the shortened name of HHT. Hand held terminals The jobs which HHT do is *They record what needs to be stocked up or when they sell out of certain products this is recorded and is sent to the suppliers to tell them that more items are needed to go on the shelves. Manual jobs (mainframe) Employers off the store stock company stock the shelves manually when the company receives the product. Most off the products have certain times to be bought in and also have a certain time of which it is delivered the times are as follow; 1. 10 am (morning) 2. 12 o'clock (noon) 3. 4 pm (evening) When the products are brought in for stocking it has to first scan the type of product it is then by the belt it will be taken up in the required lane and in for the right department for the item. ...read more.


When these lights go on... 1. Red 2. Blue The red is for alert and the blue will go of if some think is incorrect. Although if anything does happen like a power cut the store has a back up system which automatically goes on before anything or anyone is hurt or something serious has happened. These sort of things hardly ever happen as we are told by the lady in the video it only happens every 10 years. Conclusion From this video that I have just watched I see that Marks and Spencer has to do a lot of things before it is all nicely presented to us. Marks and Spencer is a very common shop and for every new shop opened 200-300 local shops are put out of business but we live in a very competitive world and have to learn how to put up with these things. This is hard business. The video has told me that ICT is a very useful thing in the world off business we live in today. NEJLA HOUSSEIN did this essay for short-course GCSE For MRS DEARMER. ...read more.

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