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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2557


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ICT used by a Organisation Coursework 2A Introduction: I have decided to choose an organisation called Orchard Orthodontic. This organisation is a orthodontic specialist which means that they help out people who need braces etc. This organisation uses a lot of ICT in the Daily life which is very helpful to the organisation as it enables it to carry on with work quickly and without facing a lot of problems. These are a number of products (ICT) the organisation uses: * Computers * Printer * X-ray machine * Autoclave * Fax Machine * Modem router * Word-pad * Dental chair (includes a lot of machines such as micro motor, high speed turbine etc.) * Compstosite polymerization * X-ray developer * Do IT ( special orthodontic software) Explanation of all the ICT he uses as mentioned above INFORMATION: Orchard Orthodontics use ICT to be able to store Information as well as to be able to manipulate information based on the patients and there needs. Here are examples of software's they use which are able to support Orchard Orthodontics to carry out these Tasks appropriately: Computers: Orchard orthodontics use a lot of computers at work. The computers at Orchard orthodontics are used to mark people in as well as mark people out. Computers are also used to send details to the NHS about any facts or any information which is needed for any treatment. They also use Computers to type letters which need to be send to patients. ...read more.


Printers are very helpful these days as they enable you to do all the work very quickly as if there would be no printer and you would have written something you would have to write it again but the printer enables you to print as much as you want to only in a few seconds. Evaluation: Orchard Orthodontic use the printers in several ways as for example they writes letters and then print them so that they can be send off or even if he finds any important research or if they needs the print out a database they also are able to print it quickly. They can also prints out appointment timings for there patients. Printers are very helpful to him as they enable him to carry on with the work very fast. Functional Purposes: Here are examples and explanations of ICT used by Orchard Orthodontics to be able to function properly and to be able to do there Job as efficiently as possible: X-ray machine: X-ray machines are used for several reasons as they enable you to look inside your body without doing any operation. These machines are mostly used by doctors for cases which can not be solved without any x-ray. X-rays enable doctors to see what is going on in someone's body or how it looks like and then they are able to solve the problem, Evaluation: In the orthodontic case Orchard Orthodontic use the X-ray machines to look at the skull of patients and find out if there are any teeth coming or what so ever. ...read more.


The reason for using Microsoft Word is as this I a very simple to use Software as well as changes can be made very quickly instead of using a pen and paper which would be much more time consuming and would take much longer. ICT meeting Objectives: Orchard Orthodontics are able to operate properly as the resources available to them are mostly based around ICT. One of the most important resources used by Orchard Orthodontics I the Modem router, as this piece of equipment allows them to Network all the computers with the Server computer which are able to communicate with each other using the DO IT software which is network based. The Diagram provided on the next page is able to show how the Server has been setup: Conclusion: Finally I believe that all the technologies used by Orchard orthodontics are very helpful and enable them to carry on with there work as fast as they can. Of course I believe that there are more machines and software's going to be developed which will help Orchard orthodontics to carry on with there work even faster and more effectively. I have not faced a lot of problems during this coursework but all the details and the pictures are taken by me and all the details of the machines have also been taken by me by talking to Orchard orthodontics employers etc. I am really thankful to them as they have helped me out so that I was able to do my coursework based on a real life and real people. BY ZESHAN AMIR ?? ?? ?? ?? Zeshan Amir Coursework 2A ...read more.

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