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ICT Coursework

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Introduction Mellor Village is an area that only has three doctors who all work individually in the same community. I am their ICT system analyst to help them through the process of creating a better organised health centre. This medical centre will be named ''Mellor Village Health Centre'' and will have new logo and slogan and I will create a database too. The new medical centre will have a sufficient amount of staff which will include the following: * 3 doctors * 2 medical centre nurses * 2 district nurses * 1 health centre manager * 1 secretary * 3 receptionists * 1 counsellor * 1 health visitor * 1 midwife PROBLEMS * The first problem is that all the patient records are on a paper-based system, there are no computers .This is risky because papers and files can get misplaced. So loads of files in cabinets takes up a lot of space. Also tea could be spilt on it by accident and important patient information would be destroyed. ...read more.


Further I will put the patient's information in and save this as table 1 and close it down. I will then create a second table in design view which will be called table 2. It will have fields such as: * Surname, * Medical number, * Doctor's name, * Date of appointment * Time of appointment * Ailment. The medical number is the primary key because it is the unique key field for each record. I will put each individual person's information in detail in this table. I will then save this as table 2 and close it down. There will be two tables because one will just include identity and address of the patients. The second table has to be made because it is more in-depth information into each persons medical services and problems. I will go on tools -relationships and '' add '' table 1 and 2 and close it down. Thirdly I'll go on relationships - edit relationships and go on ''create new'' and press ''ok''. ...read more.


* It is also easier to make a back-up copy after typing something up. * There is ultimate accuracy because the spell checker identifies the mistakes. These are then verified and validated.Fewer mistakes are made and this is how the computerised solution will improve and increase accuracy. * The Data Protection Act will keep the patient details and data safe by password protection. This reduces the risks of hackers gaining access to confidential files. The costs are: * that the computer could be hacked in or files could be lost. * The computers take up a lot of space too. * Viruses could delete all the information. * There are more staff so more wages has to be given out. * The staff have to be trained on how to use the computer if they don't know. This will cost money and time. * There are health and safety risks because eyes will be strained and eyesight could get worse. * Also they could have back ache and hand ache with sitting in one position too long and holding the mouse for long periods. ...read more.

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